Dear Santa,

Last year on my Christmas Wishlist, i asked you for the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Pallette, a Benefit Highlighter and a couple of other sparkly beauty items. This year, for Christmas i want something different.

I want the  the Delhi Govt to actually DO something about the situation of women in my city, for Shiela Dixit to stop saying ” I condemn this act” and actually use her power to crack down on such barbarians, for the animals who did this to the recent  rape victim to be hung, or castrated  or  beaten up in public till they bleed to death …I dont care if i sound violent. I know i do, and i know more violence is not the answer to violence but Iv had ENOUGH. Iv had ENOUGH of reading horrific stories in the newspapers, and be expected to just be numb to these things, iv had ENOUGH  of thinking it can never happen to me. Because it CAN.  Iv had ENOUGH of people saying ” She shouldnt have boarded a private bus with tinted windows at night” .  Because blaming the victim is NOT the answer.

For those unaware, a metal rod was inserted into this young girls body, and pulled out with so much force that her intestines came out. She was then  brutally beaten up, repeatedly raped by 5-6 men in a moving bus as the bus circled delhi in the evening.  All this was done, apparently because the assailant wanted to have some ‘ fun’ ! She faces the prospect of never being able to eat like  a normal human being again, and i dont even know whether surviving in a vegetative state like that is called surviving at all. I dont even think animals can do this to another living being, this is something only monsters can do. And Monsters dont deserve ‘civil rights’  and ‘non violence measures’ . They deserve the damnest possible punishment on earth.

Ugh. I try and keep this blog very fun, and positive and not discuss serious issues like this, but the horrific-ness of this incident is just too much to ignore.




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