For the longest time, the L’oreal counters at most of the Delhi Malls thought i was an idiot /crazy lady. See, i had read about the ‘Loreal Tinted Moisturizer ‘  by people mentioning it in forums and comments and i kept going to the sales staff  and saying “I want that tinted moisturizer by Loreal” . They kept saying “Maam aisa koi product nahi hai “.  I went to every counter i could find and they kept repeating this till the point i was like “Arre, but i read online there is. GIVE IT TO ME. STOP HIDING IT SNEAKY PEOPLE !” *Insert crazy customer stare* . I really started to feel like this tinted moisturizer was like the Emperors New Clothes- invisible to me, but only visible to a select few . That was until one particular sales person of a higher IQ understood what im saying and said “Ah, you must be talking about the Loreal Dermo Expertise UV Perfect Moisturizer that is supposed to even out the complexion. We dont call it a tinted moisturizer, its just a moisturizing sunscreen which is tinted” . Since even i didn’t know what i was talking about, except that such a thing existed and was spoken about on the internet i just nodded mutely and grabbed it with both hands.

The first thing i noted- that it was wierd that it came in only one shade. One shade- for a tinted moisturizer? But i soon realised that really, Loreal has simply positioned this as a moisturizer with a high sunscreen. It came in three variants- One was called ‘Transparent’ , one was supposed to brighten dull skin and the third was called “Even Complexion”and it had a beigey tint to it.

Not to make things clear- if you are looking for a ‘Tinted Moisturizer’ in the sense that you want some coverage with this, then this is probably going to dissapoint you. The coverage is pretty much non existant , which is why they can get away with one color. However this does impart a subtle glow to your face that you will notice immediately.

Having said that, this is actually a really great moisturizer . Its very light and spreads thinly and evenly over your face but is quite rich in hydration. I have dry skin, and this has been able to cope with those dry patches single handedly. What i love, and is probably the reason i keep going back to this  is that it has an SPF 50 with a PA+++ , so it kind of eliminates the need for sunscreen.  Plus this one doesnt leave a strange white cast like most sunscreens do. You can just slap on this one product every morning and yr good.  Now if only, it was also slightly more tinted, this would have been my dream product. I also like the super convenient nozzle packaging !

Thats about it, if i had to mention one thing it would be that it smells bad, but i think iv gotten a bad piece or somethin because it didnt start out smelling bad. But now it kind of smells like…i don know…like almonds which have gone bad. :S

*See, the tinted-ness doesn’t do much  on me.

Verdict:  A-

Price: Rs 399 (I think)

Recommendation: The Loreal Dermo Expertise UV Perfect Moisturizer in the ‘Tint’ variant is a nice, effective  moisturizer  that is  still light and breathable on the skin with a high sunscreen (SPF 50 with PA+++ woohoo!)  that adds a nice subtle glow to the face. If yr looking for a pure tinted moisturizer (one that gives some coverage) then you will probably be dissapointed, because it doesnt really provide any coverage  but if you want a good moisturizer for winters which also doubles up as a sunscreen, this is really nice. I think you need to think of this more like a really nice , breathable moisturizing sunscreen with a high SPF , rather than a tinted moisturizer per se. Comes in only one shade anyway.

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