Mac Sunny Seoul Lipstick

There isnt too much i know about Seoul …Infact  right now i only know three words in connection to it  and those are “Oppan Gangnam Style”*crosses hands and does gangnam jumping dance* . Mac made my geography a wee bit better with this lipstick which it feels encapsulates the soul of  Sunny Seoul. It looks more like Rainy Paris to me- soft, romantic, pastel, a bit washed out but hey- iv never seen Seoul so who knows right?

Mac Sunny Seoul is part of the limited edition Cremsheen and Pearl lineup, and to me this is a very pale, sort of peachy pastel pink. Its a color that will absolutely divine on paler skintones, very innocent-girl next door. For medium or darker skintones like mine it definitely does wash out the skin. I like using this as a nude though- layering it under a nice gloss with heavy eyes can totally do this color justice, but i wont recommend you wear this as is- it can look too pale  if you have some color in your skin!

The Cremesheen and Pearl Range is quite similar to the regular Cremesheen lineup , except these have a more of a sheen to it. With this particular one, when you swatch it you feel “Damn, this is really sheer“..but actually it provides full coverage in one swipeI am a fan of the Mac Cremesheens, i think they glide really well, theyr super pigmented and non drying. .  Dont quote me on the last part though, as quite a few feel they are not particularly moisturizing either but i havent faced such problems. I also love that these Cremesheen and Pearl ones have this awesome finish- they retain the sheen of the Cremesheens, but add just a bit of pearlsecence to it which is perfect for girls like me who dont like overly shimmery lip products. They last a good amount of time around 5 hours and are comfortable to wear!

Verdict: A-

Price: Rs 990/-

Recommendation: Mac Sunny Seoul Lipstick is a pale, peachy pink that will work best with lighter pretties. On the medium to dusky girls, this will probably work well as a nude, but it does wash out my skin unless i wear it under a gloss. Apart from that, it has all the great cremesheen qualities-super pigmented, non drying and long wearing.

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