Now, usually when im rushing to work with my bag half  flying open, hair scrunchie in one hand, lipgloss tube between my fingers , laptop bag on one shoulder and clutching my phone in the other  hand whilst scrambling towards my apartment lift door (*which hates me because it always shuts on my face *)….neat and defined eyes are the last thing on my mind.But with the new Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Eyeliner, lining is so darn easy can have that sexy kitten flick before you even say “Meow” .  Okay not “Meow” but say “Mmmeeooow” and its DONE ! Swish- swipe- and finito-this is definitely my best friend when it comes to early morning work!!!!

The Hyper Glossy Liquid Eyeliner is the latest kid on the block in the liquid liner market and frankly it kind of whacks out the competition in its price segment. A tiny little tube with jet black ink , and a really really thin precise brush ensures you have the most precise, neat and thin line that you desire and that too in a jiffy. The ultra thin brush is really really great- and while it may not be the best for creating thick black lines on your eye, it definitely solves all your other liner problems. Want a kitten flick, or a neat defined wing?  Its got your back baby!!

The liner is intensely black, and really is glossy-you can see the glossyness of the black as the light hits your eyes. It has all other great qualities of an eyeliner too- dries relatively quickly, lasts long and isnt watery or runny. If i had to criticise i would probably say that it can flake after about 6 hours of wear but i can deal with that, specially because this only happens if you overcoat your eyes. Is it waterproof? Well its the way i like a liner to deal with water- it doesnt smudge when raindropss hit your eyes or you watch a K.Jo tear jerker, but if you swipe a wet cotton ball across it, it will give way. So best of both worlds.

One thing that does suck- that is tiny tiny quantity, it probably will get over really quickly. Its almost sample size~!

*One swipe of Maybelline Hyper Glossy Eyeliner

 Verdict: A

Price: Rs 225 for 3 gms.

Recommendation: The Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Eyeliner is my new favourite budget eyeliner. Intensely black, a super precise thin brush that is easy to apply, and an overall glossy look ensures this stays firmly on top of my dresser at all times. Love.

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