Here is what my skin loved, absorbed and got slathered with in 2012! 2013 is definitely going to be skin focused (Hey i just turned 26 i need to do SOMETHING about it !) , but 2012 was a bit of a slacker in terms of skincare!

I couldn’t have done without my Mac Pro Makeup Remover!!! Literally, early morning ‘wicked-witch of the west’syndrome was avoided simply because this took of the last dredge of makeup from my face after a party. Plus what a HUGE saviour it was during my wedding. I swear, after i took out all those 179 pins from my hair and my hair stood vertically straight on top of my head,  and my makeup was all smeared and undone…i looked like a badly made up evil spirit from a Ram Gopal Verma Film (They’r not even classy ghosts in his movies). This is the only thing that i think made me recognizable to the boy!

I think its kind of ridiculous how many times i argued with the boy about who is going to use the this Thermal Spa Body Wash! This Palmolive Crushed Coconut Body Wash was definitely the BEST budget buy of 2012 !!! OMG it feels soooo good in the shower…specially now as it gets chilly. The warmth of the lovely cocoa butter and the crushed coconut in it is just perfection for dry winter skin. Its so creamy and smooth too!

LOVE this !!! Its my favourite night cream, and my saviour for those horrible winter mornings when my face feels like parchment paper. I just wake up to really soft, supple, skin and i couldnt have done without the much needed hydration of the Shiseido Night Moisture Recharge.

The Kiehls Creamy Under Eye Treatment with Avocado was another much used product. While i think iv started ignoring this a little bit ever since i got the Shiseido, but whenever my under eye area fills dry and stretchy, this immediately soothes, plumps and hydrates it. Love how ultra moisturizing it is and it almost makes my under eye area look firmer.

Not reviewed this yet because im unsure how exactly i feel about it, but i guess the fact that i used this so much in 2012 has something to say about it. The Loreal UV perfect SPF 50 Tinted Moisturizer appealed on so many levels but mostly because it was a moisturizer with a high SPF and it was tinted!!! While the tinted part is a bit dissapointing (No coverage at ALL), the fact that it doubled up as a moisturizer plus high SPF sunscreen was definitely a boon!

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