Meet Kareena Kapoor, Our first Real Celebrity Bride who got married to her long time boyfriend Saif Ali Khan at a rather lavish wedding ceremony spanning two cities and 5 days. Here is what she wore, who she wore and how she looked.

*Imp: The below is not an actual interview (Obviously duh!). Its just me making up stuff because well, i wanted to. I love Kareena, and thought she looked absolutely stunning

So tell us about your love story Kareena “: I met Saif, during the sets of Tashan. Between the rather lame screenplay, and flaunting my size zero figure in itsy bitsy bikinis, the two hit  of us it off, fell madly in love and attended a fashion show together hand in hand in Bombay- causing a Media Frenzy. It was quite the scandal- Saif was on a serial dating phase after his marriage and Bebo, well and Shahid looked like a rock solid item. But all that is water under the bridge girls, because im  now Bebo Ali Khan. Damnit, that names just screams “Item Song” …Bebo mein Bebo….

Ooh So tell us about the outfits. Well, the outfits can be summed up in two words: Manish Malhotra

SO how long did you take to choose your outfit: Choose? What Choose? Manish Custom Designed everything for me Honey *air kiss* . How much i spent on it? Sorry, i dont think i want to disclose the figure and put me in Income Tax Scrutiny. haha..kidding…Not much darling. Not much.


One of my favourite Kareena Kapoor Wedding Looks- Kareena in a deep wine colored Manish Malhotra Saree.What a stunning Set that ! Gimme those emeralds. GIMMMEEE!

KAreena Kapoor on the Nikah- wearing the same Sharara that Sharmila Tagore wore on her wedding (Please tell me she washed it!).. Haha kidding!  Yeah apparently Ritu Kumar restored the Sharara so that Bebo could be all dressed up!

For her Walima (Thats reception i think), Kareena yet again wore Manish Malhotra – this time a Garara in varied shades of Pink and varied shades of Bling. Not that i dont love this, i totally do! But i wish she would have skipped the set and jus worn the earrings with this.

And thats the sangeet outfit-super shimmery, super strappy nude blouse with a mango dupatta and a lehenga skirt that i cant see but i imagine would be either pink or nude.You know what i loved in all the photos? The Hair and makeup. Specially in that saree- i think her face has never looked better the way her hair is all worn up!

Disclaimer: Photos not owned by me, taken off google.

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