Revlon Scented Nail Enamel Mad About Mango

Guest Review by Priya R.


Product Description:                                                                                        

Try the season’s coolest shades and enjoy each fresh, fruity fragrance – scented when dry!

Revlon’s exclusive silk-protein shield works to instantly help even out the surface of the nail while rising above color to automatically smooth away bubbles, streaks and brush marks. UV absorbers protect color – ensuring it won’t fade during wear.

My Views:

Revlon’s recent launch is the “Scented Parfume” Nail Enamels, now why would anyone buy a nail polish based on the criteria being scented, isn’t it? I pick up my nail paints based on color options but perfumed nail paint? Not really!! Anyways, this range of the nail enamels have some gorgeous shades to offer and I fell for this lovely shade called “Mad About Mango”, which is a coral orange crème shade and it is absolutely stunning vibrant color. Though I think this color will be more apt for summer/spring time but I still got it as I do not really like to follow the so called “winter trend”.

The formulation of this nail polish was average, it did spread on easily with 3 swipes on the nails but the finish was not even across the surface and it was a bit streaky too while applying. I needed two coats for the semi-opaque finish, though I could have gone for third coat but it makes the appearance even streakier so I decided to go with two coats only. The drying time between the coats was normal. For me, it started to chip in 3 days time but a top coat will definitely increase the wear time. The final result was semi-glossy finish which did not fade with days. Now the interesting part, the “scented” perfume smell – yes it did give a fruity mango smell which faded with the passing days.

 Rating : B-

Price: Rs 150/-

Recommendation: Revlon Scented Parfume Nail Enamel – Mad About Mango is a lovely summer –y crème orange shade but yes you can wear it in other weathers too (there are no such rules!) but the formula was not so great – it was streaky and did not give even application on the nails. And most importantly it is a unique nail polish that is scented (I still wonder why you need a scented nail polish!). If you want to try out for “scented” part then go for it otherwise it is an ok product for the premium price.


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