Dont quote me on this, but Sephora is apparently all set to Open in New Delhi Select City Walk Mall sometime next week.  Ofcourse we have known for ages that its opening there , iv been seeing the construction work for ages behind those black screens. I keep trying to peep inside to see if i can see any of the stock, but mostly, all i see are construction men giving me scary looks ! But the fact that its so close is super exciting.

The tentative opening date was slated for 12th December 2012 which was my birthday ! (Dear LVMH, that truly would have been an AMAZING birthday present) . But even a slightly delayed birthday gift would more than do!!! The Sephora India Facebook Page has been abuzz with daily beauty tips, and products like the Oscar Blandi Shampoo, Benefit Products and Burts Bees Lip Balms !!

OMG you guys im SO excited!!! Its not just about all these products coming into India, its the fact that Sephora is just a completely different shopping experience. You just enter into this candy land full of products that promise to make you prettier, more glowing and infinitely less richer :p . EEE!!!! Excited!!!

PS: Usually, when Sephora Opens in a new location, they do all these schemes like give the first 50 customers a 50$ shopping card, and stuff like this. Can we pleaasseee do that in Delhi too Sephora India Team? Ill camp outside !!! :p

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