The Panel went holiday shopping together and seeing each other rather flushed cheeks, we got around talking about blushes that our cheeks love to wear !!! Here is what we thought:

I say ” I used to be a  Mac Peaches Girl. Hey, i even names this blog after it…and while i still love it..iv started wearing a lot more like earthy, dusty pinks now. So Mac Mocha is definitely a favourite because it literally goes with everything. Peaches comes a close second these days, specially because its winter time and Peaches is more of a summer blush for me”

Esha says “Mac Peaches ia an all time forever favourite” (Ps: She bought it after reading about it on P & B  so i take full responsibility!”


Priyam says “My Fav Blush is probably Mac Melba and Gingerly mixed together. It gives a nice bronzy earthy color !”

Sanjana says “I dont use too many blushes, but i have Nyx Mauve Blush and that doesnt look garish or show up on me too much so it suits me just fine ”


Other general banter:

Sanjana was discussing how her maid is super cool and how she goes and shops from Meena Bazaar and how its blowing her mind about how much even they spend on weddings. Infact we had a whole conversation comparing our maids (Mine is super pretty and has a crush on my husband by the way). Hers is apparently super rich!

Priyam is raving about some Inglot liquid highlghter that shes gotten and she cant stop posting pictures on facebook with glowy shiney cheeks ! She also cant stop posting pictures because she just moved from a bb to an iphone  so she’s having a blast editing her snaps and all!

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