Rise and Shine ! How is your Mid Week Crisis doing this Wednesday ??? While i got through it with the brand new Pretty little Liars episode (Spooky!) ,  this Friday’s Five (or Wednesdays 5 rather) may get you through yours. Here are  five products that im currently using in my everyday routine! Some im loving, some im still getting to know and others are just regulars!Click the names to go to the detailed reviews..

1.Clinique Super Defense Age Protect Moisturizer (Review to come): Since i turned 26, i have kind of been grappling with when to start on anti-ageing, and whats the right product for me. I mean, i just wanted something mild to start me off and the Clinique SA recommended this to me. Im not sure whether i completely love it yet, i guess you cant say with these anti ageing kind of products that are only meant for prevention! Has anyone tried Kiehls anti ageing products? What do you guys use in your twenties for anti ageing.? Should i be using creams with Retinol and AHA or simple moisturizers with UVA and UVB protection is enough?

2.Loreal Dermo Expertise UV Perfect Tinted Moisturizer : I like a high SPF, and i dont always love layering thick sunscreen over my moisturizer so the Loreal TInted Moisturizer is perfect. On one hand it gives me an SPF of 50 with a PA+++ and on the other hand it is just a fabulous moisturizer that really hydrates without being heavy. Also gives a subtle glow to the face!

3.Shiseido Night Moisture Recharge Cream : My skin feels so soft and smooth in the mornings, only because it gets its much needed hydration at night from the Shiseido Night Moisture Recharge.Definite repurchase for me but will probably get the enriched variant this time.

4.Kiehls Avocado Under Eye Cream : My under eye area is totally dry, and honestly im a bit scared to start using heavy duty eye creams that promise wrinkle prevention etc. I mean, i dont think i need those yet and all i needed was really a nice lush moisturizer to hydrate the area and the Kiehls Under Eye Cream does exactly that.

5.Nivea Aqua Effect Skin Refining Scrub : I LOVE this scrub. It has the perfect amount of abrasiveness to the granules that makes me feel fresh and squeaky clean but not like my face was on a cheese grater you know???

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