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Bourjois Kabuki Brush Review

Guest Post by Priya R.

Product Description:Bourjois’ make-up brushes are ultra-soft and high quality – enabling easy application and a professional result every time.Perfect for use at home or on the move the short handle means it’s small enough to fit in your handbag, but with the long soft bristle head it is perfect for use with bronzers, powders and blushers.

My Views:

I have been thinking of a buying a Kabuki brush since a long time and as usual except a few brands it is hard to find good quality makeup brushes which are not so expensive. And when I saw the Bourjois Kabuki Brush online I had to get it. It is the cutest kabuki brush I have seen. It has a short silver colored handle that fits perfectly into the palms and it is appropriate for even distribution of product without much effort. The brush has mixture of natural and synthetic bristles and it feels very very soft against the skin.

It is a multi-purpose kabuki brush and can be used for applying powder, blush, and bronzer and even on body for highlighting. It applies the makeup smoothly and gives a noticeably different appearance as compared to when applied with other type of brushes. Packaging wise, it comes in a plastic case which is not sturdy to carry around. A sturdy pouch with may be a zip for the brush would have perfectly apt to carry it around in a bag and keeping it dust free.

The bristles are perfectly sculpted together and I love the round dome shape of the densely packed bristles. I mostly use this brush for applying face powder and I plan to buy another one for applying blush so that I don’t have to wash the brush every day. I have washed this brush 2-3 times since I got it and it does not shed any hair. Although it did shed a few strands during the first wash but it did not shed any hair in the consecutive washes thus making it long lasting brush. Since it has densely packed hair it requires around a day’s time to complete dry after washing. It retains its self shape after drying too. So overall, its a winner for me!


  1. Blond colored bristles which do not look stained with makeup application unlike the white hair brushes (Read MAC Brushes!) which looks dirty even after washing.
  2.  Easy to carry around – fits in the bag & palm easily
  3. The bristles feel soft against the skin
  4. Perfectly dome shaped brush with densely packed hair
  5. Very affordable
  6. Does not shed or fray after washing


  1. Does not come with a sturdy carry pouch
  2. It is not easily available at the Bourjois counters. Online too it is available at few sites only



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Verdict: A

Price: Rs 475/-

Recommendation: Bourjois Kabuki Brush is a cute and handy brush which is definitely a must have! The perfectly domed shape of the brush gives even and easy application of products and it is so versatile it can be used for applying powders, highlighters, blushes, bronzer etc. It gives an air brush kind of effect and makeup application seems effortless on the skin and not made up. Most importantly it is not overly priced as other brushes and it comes with an excellent quality bristles which does not irritate the skin and also which does not shed hair with regular washes.

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