Since its just the start of a work day, and we dont want you to trip up in your stilletoes, lets stick to virgin drinks today morning . How about a Shirley Temple with a generous dash of Grenadine ? Not your scene? Well ill tell what maybe even better than an open bar at the start of a work day- and thats the Colorbar ‘Bar’ of Nail Polishes. The latest one to join the array of bottles there -right next to the green apple martini is Colorbar Plum Grenadine !



Plum Grenadine is a plummy pink- purple. While i love purple as a color, it just doesnt seem to agree with my hands usually. Violet makes my hands look dull and lifeless and those deep inky purples almost look black against my nails . So far there are only two purple nailpolishes that have really worked for me Рthe first being Zoya Valerie  and the second being this one ! I like how its purple, but still fun and bright and dare i say even work appropriate at the same time. I also love how glossy it is, it looks freshly applied even on the third day and thats a great thing!

My problem with this nail polish was that it seemed thicker than other colorbar nailpolishes iv tried which meant application was a little bit gloopy. I think that may also be because i started a fifteen minute long phone conversation gossiping with a friend with the bottle half open, but i dont know ! In terms of wear, it wore longer than other colorbar nailpolishes, i got 3-4 days of wear without chipping . Removing this however was a total and complete pain. It literally took me a good twenty minutes to get traces of this out!

colorbar-plum-grenadine-nail-polish-001 colorbar-plum-grenadine-nail-polish1 colorbar-plum-grenadine-nail-polish3

Verdict: B+

Price: Rs 150/-

Recommendation: Colorbar Plum Grenadine is a totally welcome addition to my purple family stash, and i love how this looks against my skin. Colorbar makes great nailpolishes and this one is no different, i think the only thing i had a problem with was that it was thicker than usual colorbar polishes, and removing it was a hassle. It was quite stubborn. The flipside however is that it did wear longer than other Colorbar polishes!

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