DKNY Be Delicious Eau So Intense_Bottle & Carton

As the passion for the iconic apple scents builds, DKNY introduces the Delicious Eau So Intense Collection:  Intensified versions of three coveted fragrances to give devoted fans even more of what they love.

 In many parts of the world, it’s known simply as The Apple: Le Pomme, La Manzana, Ping Guo, Ringo, La Mela, Der Apfel.

 With over 4,000,000 bottles sold each year worldwide, it is no surprise that young women in the chicest cities point to the glass apple with the crisp, green floral fragrance inside and say, “I want it,” I want to Be Delicious.

 As the passion for the brand grows ever more intense, the juice has followed that lead. Now eight years after debuting the first apple-inspired fragrance, Be Delicious, in 2004, DKNY introduces its most tempting iteration yet – the Delicious Eau So IntenseCollectionBe Delicious Eau So Intense and Fresh Blossom Eau So Intense. Perfumers amped up the concentration of each element in the original formula in equal parts. Each has maintained the original structure and balance, just with more potency and staying power.

 “Each of the classic fragrances in the Delicious Collection were intensified using two different methods,” said Trudi Loren,  VP of Fragrance Development at DKNY Fragrances,  “I either amplify one aspect of the fragrance or raised the entire concentration socustomers will enjoy a larger sensation of the original overall.  It’s really determined by how the construction of the original fragrance lends itself to either increasing the concentration or strengthening one of the specific nodes. “

 Why intensify now?  Because Be Delicious is such a customer favorite around the world:

 FAN FAVORITE:  The clever packaging interpretation of New York’s Big Apple, a palm-sized clear glass object is the embodiment of the city’s vibrant, optimistic energy.  It has clearly resonated across the globe, building and sustaining a rabid fan base from Germany to Singapore, South Africa to the Netherlands.  Today, DKNY Fragrances engages the largest fragrance Facebook community in the world with over 780,000 “likes.” 




Be Delicious Eau So Intense                                                              

Be Delicious was the first to be derived from an apple extract, which was then layered with grapefruit, magnolia, sandalwood and white amber. A delectable new fragrance that is the pick of the crop, Be Delicious Eau So Intense is a higher concentration of our classic Be Delicious fragrance accentuating the key apple note—resulting in a more intoxicating scent that resembles the first bite of a fresh picked apple.

Fresh Blossom Eau So Intense

Rose and lily of the valley notes get more attention in the new Fresh Blossom Eau So Intense. The once-delicate floral, inspired by the fragile but potent blooms on an apple tree, made more nuanced by ramping up the concentration of two of the most celebrated notes in perfumery.  The result is a more textural, intense floral bouquet that is long lasting and fresh.


Delicious Eau So Intense Collection is available at a retail price of Rs. 4,111 (50ml) and Rs. 5,308 (100ml) across leading malls and retail outlets in India.



DKNY Eau So Intense Fresh Blossom Bottle&Carton

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