When Deepika Padukone looks right into your eye and counts upto 5 great benefits of the Garnier BB Cream on her slender fingers, you know half of India is going to be lining up in stores to get their hands on this BB Cream !! And even though i know by now that brands mostly will just slap on ‘BB Cream‘ tag on anything that looks, moves,   snorts or smells  like a tinted moisturizer i knew i had to get to try out this latest , affordable variant which obviously is in competition with the Maybelline BB Cream!!!

Deepika claims that this little tube of thick-ish liquid renews, brightens,evens, hydrates, protects. Deep honey, finding all that in one tube that costs less than 200 Rs is like finding a pink elephant with glittery ears who flies. Pretty much impossible, but even if this cream can brighten, even and hydrate i would say job well done!!!

Here is what i think about the Garnier BB Cream and it comparison against the Maybelline BB Cream

  • It subtly evens out the skin tone. The coverage isnt high, its mild….it  isnt as high as the Maybelline BB Cream, but its decent enough for my relatively well behaved skin. If you are someone who needs more coverage everyday go with MBBC .
  • Its a thick liquid, but it blends really easily, much more easily than Maybelline BB Cream and feels more weightless and light  on your skin as well! Thats probably one of its best qualities- its kind of effortless everyday makeup!
  • It doesnt moisturize upto the level my skin needs ! So if you are dry skinned you will probably have to layer a moisturizer under this which i think kind of defeats the purpose of the BB Cream. If you are oily skinned however, and the Maybelline BB Cream broke you out or caused shiney-ness then this is the cream for you
  • It stays put for a pretty long while -it does brighten your tone a bit and ensures it stays on your face for 6-8 hours
  • There is only one shade available in Garnier which is kind of a bummer but in the end it doesnt matter because the coverage is low anyway so most people will be able to find a match unless you are very very pale. If you couldnt find shades in Maybelline, because even their darkest shade was pretty light you could try this.
  • The finish is not dewy at first, its pretty matte but over the course of the day you will notice a subtle glow

Overall then: I think the Garnier BB Cream of Blemish Balm cream as its called is best suited for girls who need just an evening out of skin tone,  light coverage and combination-oily skin. If you fall into the above category you will love this!!! I do like this a lot myself actually  and iv been using this everyday to work but i definitely need a moisturizer under this for my dry skin!




There isnt much coverage,  but notice the area around eyes an mouth. There is even-ness of skin


Price: Rs 99 for 18gms and Rs 199 for 40 gms

Recommendations: Whether you love the Garnier BB Cream depends on how much coverage you need, how much moisture you need and whats your general preference about SPF. I think for college girls on a budget, this is quite nice actually. For me it works because i dont need extra coverage, and also because its so light and almost effortless but i definitely need more moisture and i need to layer this on top of a moisturizer on a regular work day! Is this better than the Maybelline BB Cream- both got an equal grade from me. I tend to use this more, because i just think its more easy to blend and its really light. Read the comparison above to see which one is more suited for you needs/ skin type.

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