Inglot AMC Shine Eyeshadow #12 :Swatches & Review

Guest post by CSP Ballal (Light Skin tone)

I love everything that is close match with my skin color- browns, beiges, nudes, you get the drift. I do have some bright colored cosmetics; but I find that they come out rather occasionally. Keeping close to my skin tone and looking nude with colors is my preference. One such color is the eyeshadow I am showing here, Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow AMC Shine 12.

The Inglot Freedom System is an amazing concept of allowing the customer to choose the individual colors.  The blush system, the eyeshadow system, the lip color system, everything is available in refills, making it pocket friendly and convenient to stash up on a variety of shades !

Coming to AMC Shine 12, this is one color which has to be present in every woman’s make up drawer. A beautiful warm golden- light brown. Its a soft, almost hazey brown with bits of shimmer. Its a versatile shade in the sense that you could wear it all along the lid , making you eyes look very natural and doe-eyed, and yet you could also dress it up by packing on the shimmer, or using this as a crease color.

This shade has shimmers which do not stand out on its own.  The finish is extremely silky and smooth. There is no clumping of eyeshadow and it does not move from its place of application. The staying power is also very worthy. It stays on me as long as I wash it; of course with some fading. But the fading is just negligible. There is no fallout at all.

My only complaint is the price of the pallets. I hate to spend so much on just a pallete. ! But i guess you cant have everything!

inglot-amc-shine-12 inglot-amc-shine-eyeshadow-1 inglot-amc-shine-eyeshaodw-12-2 inglot-amc-shine-eyshadow-12-3

Rating: A

Price and Quantity: Rs.300 for the square refill pan

Recommendation: For a soft, smooth and silky brown  eyeshadow, you have to choose Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow AMC Shine 12.  Its a gorgeous brown, for any kind of skin tone and one that i think should be a part of every Indian woman’s eyeshadow collection!

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