Since  Emerald is the Pantone Color of 2013, i thought id dedicate my entire lust list to it …But then, i got distracted by these gorgeous cremes and tans and thought oh well ! Lets just mix it up , im too fickle to stay true to one color anyway…


lustlist11 1. Burberry Porsum Tan  Bag: Okay, so Burberry went on Sale recently, and i totally needed a new bag an i was super excited to check it out. I already had the model numbers and stuff i wanted. By the time i reached there- there was nothing except like clutches and evening bags left. Huff..its that classic case of wantin what you cannot have. On Sale. Thats the worst kind of wanting of what you cannot have. Now im just lusting after this Tan bag from the Burberry Porsum range.

2. American Apparel Peach Nail polish:So the formula looks streaky but i want a pale, milky cream colored polish like this one. I do have OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy which is kin of similar but its more peach…i just want this really really pale cream color and i cant find it anywhere amidst the pinks and purples in INdia.


3. Manish Malhotra Anarkali Lehenga: I dont think any collection of Manish’s has recieved as many ‘imitations’ as this one, and while there are other lovely pieces from his Mijwan Fashion show, this clean ivory Chikankari work floor length Anarkali lehenga is just so fresh and gorgeous. I love how that bright coral just peeps out from below.

4.Rings Rings Rings: I love Halo setting rings, infact my dream engagement ring is a Halo set Solitaire with a wide band at the bottom. I thought these would be gorgeous right hand rings..Emeralds probably my favourite stone after diamond. Me no like the rubies and the sapphires.

5.DIamond and Emerald Necklace: Okay so im totally aware that this is completely humungous and over whelming..but i want it. Im also aware that im no longer a bride and no longer can i just randomly carry these off at some one elses function..but i WANT IT!!! Actually even if you just break out two of those spokes and make me earrings out of that…those would do too!


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