If i didnt know better, i would think Evening Grey was the fourth novel in the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy!!! Speaking of which, have you  read the series ;) ?  Oh Come On..i know you have, atleast one ! I actually read it in train journeys on my honeymoon, and while the sheer doormat-ness and pre-historic thoughts of the female protaginst was way too annoying for me to finish the entire book…i was definitely curious to read more of what they described as ‘Mommy Porn’ . (Needless to say boy not happy about me reading such novels on our HM- but what else are you supposed to do on a train? Actually….Im sure EL James would think of a couple of things a couple can do on a train but lets not go there!). Anyway, coming back to whats important- Mac Evening Grey Eyeshadow which is part of the limited edition Glamour Daze Collection. Doesnt it look like a work of art? Its gorgeous to look at !!!!

Evening Grey, is more like a  darkish  steel  grey , and is perfect if you want a smokey eye with a kick. Just a pop of this on the middle of a smoked out lid and you are set for a gorgeous night out !! Greys can look ashy on warm skintones, but Evening Grey has a warmer almost brown undertone so it totally works on all skintones. I also like using silver eyeshadow for my inner corners a lot of times but this is a darker grey, isnt a bright white so its not that effective in that area . Extra DImension eyeshadows can be used wet and dry and this delivers on both fronts!

I thought this was really well pigmented, both wet and dry.The texture was really soft – almost melting on your fingertips when you touch it! I dont know theyr not quite the same texture as powder eyeshadows- it seems like a mix of almost like a powder and a gel kind of eyeshadow.This wears long, even without a primer and should be up for that date night you have planned and then some ;)




Verdict: A

Price: Rs 1100/- (Not sure)

Recommendation: Mac Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in Evening Grey, was very pigmented, extremely soft and blendable and really a pleasure to pretty up with !  The texture is not really like a powder shadow , its more buttery and can be used wet or dry.Evening grey is a beautiful darkish silver grey that is great for a smokey eye!

What ? You want an eye makeup look? Tutorial? Yes, trying to get one of those in i promise!!!

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