*Sorry for the horrible picture quality!

Its the second day of 2013 and im sitting here, snuggled into my blanket with the heater on, refusing to move my butt from my warm, cosy bed. Is it just me or is it insanely freaking cold???? 31st night was probably the coldest new year eve i can remember, but then thats what i feel every year ! I think its a sign of getting older- when you want to be warm for your new year eve night, rather than ultra trendy but im glad i wore something warm or i would have frozen my butt off…..

It started with me just raiding my closet to find stuff,  took out a bunch of seperates, wore them together and  bbmed some friends some options which they gave their thoughts on. Then the boy saw those pictures and was like- those shorts are too short, there is no way yr wearing this when its 5 degrees outside. I agreed i didnt want to turn into a snow bunny, then  took out my favourite things in the world- my woollen stockings (these look like normal stockings but they are lined with fur on the inside so they keep you warm even if it snows!) , and wore them on the inside to make sure i was perfectly  snugglable! I approve, friends approve, boy approves.

Thats my friend on the left

Here is what im wearing:

  • Peach shorts bought from some random online shopping website-dont remember it was part of my honeymoon shopping !
  • Warm Woollen tights lined with fur bought from a store in Ludhiana
  • Blazer bought from the same place i bought my mint blazer from here
  • My Neon pink clutch which im utterly OBSESSED with is from Pratinava, in Def Col for 1800/-
  • Beige shoes from Rocia in Select City Walk: 2000/-
  • The Necklace is from mumbai and the charm bracelet is from Juicy Couture



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