What or Who is Pantone you say???? Well Pantone is to colors what Rachel Zoe is to style. Its kind of like the defining authority of   colors and every year they tell us which exact shade is going to dominate.  The company, which creates and matches colors for the fashion, home and beauty industries, among others, picks its top hue based on both how it’s already being used and a prediction of sustained popularity.


 And the color for 2013 girls is...EMERALD GREEN!!!

Pantone saysIt’s a color of growth, renewal, healing, unity and regeneration — words we’re all so in need of at this point of history.”

Peaches & Blush says “Yeah, all that is fine. Its also a color of nail polishes and eyeshadows and jewels, and we are all so in need in all of those in all points of history!”  * Yes. Im shallow. Shamelessly so.*

Here are a few posts in the past that feature emerald green…

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 By the way, the color of 2012 was Tangerine Orange and though im sad to see it go, im excited that its the time for Green! Jewel tones look great on Indian skin. So how do you plan to incorporate this in your looks?

 Here are some ways Pantone thinks you can use this color:

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