The Panel has been busy with the start of the New Year, and while sipping on warm cappucino’s we got around discussing what our eyes love to wear ! Here are eyeliner recommendations from each of our panelists!

Eyeliners- hmm iv tried gel, liquid, pencil, even those felt tip pens. I had a breif love affair with  gel liners but now im back to liquid variants. Iv never been a big fan of pencil eyeliners except when i need kajals obviously…. So my favourite have to be liquid or felt tip. I love the Maybelline Hyper Glossy Eyeliners and the Loreal Superliner Instant Impact Felt Tip liner- both are very very smooth and easy to apply in one quick stroke and the tip is fine so i can change the look with ease!

Esha says ” My favourite is liquid. Tried the gel ones but i like it nice and and flowy which only the liquids give me. Revlon Fabuliner is the one i can work with the best”

Pri says “I like both liquid and gel eyeliners, though im more of a kajal kind of a girl. In liquid i just like the Lakme Insta Liner and the gel i would have to go with MAC Blacktrack! But i prefer the lakme one because its so easy to apply as well as remove!”

Sanjana says ” Liquid eyeliner i think suits me best…i use lakme’s eyeliner..you know the one thats been around for ever…in that tiny little bottle. Best out of all the ones i’ve ever tried (She means the Lakme Insta-Liner) ”



In Other News:

Priyam went to Dubai for New Years and got me a ton of  bath and body stuff which i hauled recently! She also says her aim in life now is to marry an Arab Sheikh so she can roam around the malls of Dubai all day ! :p 

I have been busy with regular job related work on weekdays and watching movies on weekends. Planning to go for Les Miserables today, anyone seen it? like it? Ooh i saw ÍMpossible’ and loved it and also saw ‘Matroo ki Bijli’ and didnt like that too much!


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