Revlon Lip Liner Plumwine (3)

Revlon Lip Liner Pencil in Plum Wine

Guest Review by Priya (Light Skin tone, dry to normal skin type)

Product Description:                                                                                        

  • Clear and precise definition of lips.
  • Soft, powder-smooth matte finish.
  • Easy to blend with lip color.

My Views:

I do not use lip pencils everyday but I do prefer to use it when I am going somewhere fancy it really helps in accentuating the lips and defining it properly. For me, with a bold lipstick like red it becomes even more important to use a lip liner or else it could easily bleed after few hours and make you look like a Dracula! I do own a few Bourjois Lip Liners & this is the first time I am using a Lip Liner from the brand Revlon.

Revlon Lip Liner Pencil in Plum Wine is a more of red shade with orange undertones than a plum color as described. It is a classic color which mostly teams up with almost all of my red lipsticks. (Mac Ruby Woo, Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet etc) The texture is slightly more smooth & creamy than Bourjois Lip Pencil but it does not mean you can skip the hydrating & exfoliating the lips part before the lip liner. It’s just that it glides on more easily & effortlessly than the other one. If not moisturized properly the lips can shed the flaky skin especially during winters.  It is a long wearing lip liner and I get a wearing time of 8 – 9 hours easily. It does not transfer or feather at all. It keeps the lipstick in place throughout. The shade is pretty on its own and I prefer it without lipstick too sometimes and it look gorgeous. The pencil comes in a simple form and requires frequent sharpening thereby a lot of products ends up in waste.

Revlon Lip Liner Plumwine (2) Revlon Lip Liner Plumwine (4) Revlon Lip Liner Plumwine (6)


  1. Fairly pigmented
  2. Works well with  all red lipsticks
  3. Decently pigmented
  4. Gives matte finish & can be worn alone too
  5. Does not bleed & settle between fine lines
  6. Long lasting on lips


  1. Requires pre-moisturization especially in winters

Revlon Lip Liner Plumwine (1)


revlon lipliner



 Verdict: A-

Price: Rs 290/-

Recommendation: Having used both, Bourjois & Revlon lip pencils; I prefer Revlon lip liners more because of the extra creamier texture I get from it. Revlon Lip pencil in plum wine is another must have shade I would recommend if you are not a regular lip liner person. It works well with a lot of bold red lipsticks and is surely a must have!

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