Incase you guys didnt catch a glimpse of something black, gold and metallic in the crowd at the screen awards telecast yesterday, here is what you missed out on!!! Sonakshi Sinha in a Falguni and Shane Peacock Gown!! Now thats a sight i never thought i would see!

Though I  love Falgune and Shane’s whacky over the top-feather trimmed gowns on most celebs,  this one on Sonakshi was a bit toooo Whaaa???? for me  – almost as if she would just raise her fist to the air , fly-away and star in the female version of Ra-one ! (Shahrukh are you taking notes? This could be inspiration for  the next Ra-one costume!) .  Okay if not that, then it looks like an eagle is hugging her chest from behind ! No? Neck up though, she did look lovely- i like how she always keeps her hair and makeup different everytime!

To get the same look as Sonakshi

1. Make a Golden Eagle hug your chest and neck

2, Use black kohl to line your upper and lower lash line. Smudge. Use grey eyeshadow to exend the kohl outside the outer corner.

3.Use a Peachy-Toffee colored Nude Lipstick for your skintone   such as Maybelline My Mahogany .

4.Match your blush to it, using something like Mac Blushbaby on your cheeks for a subtle hint of color!

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