Home Improvement has taken a bit of a backseat of late, for no other reason except for my complete lack of interest in it recently. Thats my biggest problem really- i start a project, i obsess over it, i dream about it, i eat, breathe, live that project…then i get bored and toss it away. Yeah, Home improvement is in the getting bored space as of now …so maybe updating the Decor Diaries will give me some inspiration and push to do more !!

For now though, Lets talk about corners baby ! I love corners- i mean when i eat pizza, i always nibble on the corners, i even like the corners of toasted bread that people toss away ! Yup  im a corner girl alright …and in my house too i think some corners have more attention to them as compared to the main spaces itself ! I still want some more items in corners- moroccan lamps hanging in one corner, a rug with cushions thrown on it in my bedroom corner, a reading corner with a quilt, a lampshade and a rocking chair etc etc ! But for now, with whatever little iv done…here are some of what my corners look like!






Corner 1: The Parisian Corner

Okay, so there’s nothing Parisian about it, but the flowers and the white on white give it a more girly, soft feel to it right? I actually saw these gorgeous white tiles which had these french marketplaces and shops drawn on them with enamel and glass paint and i want to kind of make a feature wall on the left with those. Those are white, purple and mint green too so i thought they would go with the rest of the theme. Right now i cant decide whether i want to do more here or less. I like differing heights in decor- i think its interesting to have varied heights so your eye moves across all of those, so i was even contemplating like a planter on the floor but left it thinking it might get too much. You may recognise the mirror and the vase from the entrance way  in which it was earlier kept


Corner 2: The Zen Corner

Speaking of entrance way, that’s what the entranceway corner currently looks like. Yeah i removed the vase and the mirror from here and added a Buddha, a planter and a painting painted by me ! The Buddha was added not only because i feel like the stone used has a lot of character, but i sometimes do Buddhist chanting, and everytime i see this in the morning i remember that i need to pray today and get some spirituality in my life ! I earlier got a bigger planter, but it almost looked like i was re-creating Bodh Gaya or something, so i just got a smaller one instead.



The painting on the top is what I painted and gifted to the boys parents when I first went into their house with my mum and dad. Then I got married and took it back. Lol. Kidding, the boy wanted it in this house.



Corner 3: The utility corner

This corner, is right next to our dining table, and it serves a whole lot of purposes. First of all that cabinet stocks all my crockery, table mats, table linen etc. The drawers in the cabinet stock bits of odds and ends that the boy keeps leaving around and i need to quickly stash inside. Im not even sure whats in it at the moment.


This Home Sweet Home Plaque was a gift from my moms friend. It was probably the first ‘Home’ gift i had recieved and i had it even when we had no sofas or furniture etc. So i guess its kind of special because even in an empty house, this little hanging was always there somewhere reminding us that no matter what state it is in right now, its still our home!


And you see that little basket at the bottom. This is EXTREMELY important in or house since all papers are stored here. The problem with men is – they become oblivious to how much paper they are surrounded with. They’ll read the morning news, toss it on the table, and the next day toss the next mornings paper right on top of the current days paper . Quite frustrating. SO i got this holder so whoever finds paper/magazines lying around (aka me) can quickly store it here neatly. Then after a month or so we just toss out the papers we dont need.
Proposed Corner  4: Picture Wall : That’s what the next corner is going to be. A picture wall of me, him, parents, friends and siblings. Should be fun!

Other Corner Decorating Ideas

I came across these really great corner solutions online. When i have my own home, these are what i would like my corners to be


This is a simple, functional idea. A vase with a really really high planter. Or poky thing. Whatever its called.decorating-corners1

Isnt this a great corner? Just a piece of art stashed in the corner with some side tables.corner1

This corner i NEED to have, no matter where i stay. Such a cosy reading nook !!! Me. Cup of Coffee, Warm Blanket and the latest whodunnit. Or Ayn Rand when im feeling intellectual. Which is rare.


I love white. I can have an all white house with maybe just one tiny splash of color, except we live in India and white gets dirty so quickly !!!! So its kind of impractical but, yes. White on White corners all the way!

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