Estée Lauder and Creative Makeup Director Tom Pecheux introduce NEW Pure Color Nail Lacquer Beyond Black and Metal Mania Collections – two mini-shade statements that evoke the seduction, beauty and fantasy of the City of Lights at night. This dramatic palette of intriguing shades, textures and finishes expresses confident style and attitude with unprecedented color and impact.

“When creating this collection,” said Pecheux, “I wanted to capture the intensity and naughty side of Paris when it truly comes alive…at night!” NEW Pure Color Nail Lacquer Beyond Black and Metal Mania Collections include smoldering and amplified hues that capture the raw energy and sexiness of the City of Lights under a dark Parisian sky.

Beyond Black is defined by five deep, shades that saturate nails in rich and dramatic color, capturing the allure of the Parisian Femme Fatale. Metal Mania dresses nails in glam glitters for a modern metallic finish, enticing women to experiment, with daring effect.

Availability: The new Pure Color Nail Lacquer Collection is now available at all Estee Lauder stores in India for a retail price of INR 1,390 (0.3 oz).


NEW Pure Color Nail Lacquer Beyond Black Collection

Caviar (White to Black)

Bête Noire (Mauve to Blue)

Blue Blood (Mauve to Blue)

Black Plum (Mauve to Blue)

Viper (Gold to Green)


NEW Pure Color Nail Lacquer Metal Mania Collection

Nouveau Riche (Gold to Green)

Explosif (Gold to Green)

Chaos (Nude to Brown)

Smashed (Mauve to Blue)

Fiery Hot (Nude to Brown)


Proposed Nail Pairings by Estee Lauder

Gilded Fade Mani: Apply 2 coats of Nouveau Riche.  Then take a sponge, dip it in Viper and dot on your nail tip.

Double Dip: Sweep Fiery Hot on the entire nail. Then overlay Caviar from top of moons to the tips.

Ring of Fire: Paint Fiery Hot on your ring fingers only. Paint the other nails Black Plum.

Dark Shadows French Mani: Stroke Bête Noire on the nails; shimmery Chaos on the tips.

Cabaret Noir French Mani: Stroke Explosif on the nails; Caviar on the tips.

Golden Moon Mani:  Stroke Viper on your nails from the top of the moons to the tips. Cover the moons only with golden Nouveau Riche.

Midnight in Paris Mani: Paint one nail on each hand with each of our beyond black shades – Caviar, Bête Noire, Blue Blood, Black Plum and Viper. All daring dark—all dramatically different.

Sun & Stars Mani: Dance from sundown to sunrise. Paint your  fingernails in gilty Nouveau Riche;  toes in silvery Chaos.

Nifty Shades of Grey Mani: Apply Caviar on the bottom one-third of nail. Then stroke Chaos on the middle one-third, and Explosif on the rest to the tip for ombré effect.

Glitter /Glam Mani: Use all 5 metal mania shades, going from brightest to darkest, thumb to pinky: Fiery Bronze, Nouveau Riche, Chaos, Explosif, Smashed

Strip Tease Mani: paint nails in Blue Blood or Viper. Stroke a thin strip of Chaos or Smashed down the nail to the tip for sparkling contrast.

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