Rose Gold is THE metal of choice for the past few seasons  and i still cant get enough of it. So this fortnights Lust List has me drooling over anything and everything that’s Gold with a Rosey touch. Im surprised why too many makeup giants haven’t cashed in on this apparently brand new color. I mean, i want a rose gold blush ! (Sleek has one but their delivery is totally untrustworthy). I also want a rose gold eyeshadow and a rose gold lip gloss  I mean seriously, have you thought of a color that can actually be worn everywhere on your face without you looking like a clown? Rose Gold Highlighter? Come to mommy!

1.Swarovski Sunglasses  : Tried these on in the Swarovski store and  i just fell in love with them. I don’t like overly blingy glasses that scream D&G with rhinestones on the side you know. Plus i like handles that are thin, the bulky ones don’t suit my face. What i loved about these was even though they were so simple, the irregular edging on the sunglasses made them so unique and edgy. Total Drool Material.

2.Polki Set With Uncut Emeralds: This-i am OBSESSED with. I want to get this at some time of my life for sure, and even though i own an uncut emeralds necklace, the colors on this are just totally yummyness. I researched this so much that i narrowed down the centre stone to a carved blue onyx. Now if only i can find someone who can make this. Oh right after i save up some cash, and find an occasion to wear this. (I just blew my entire year end bonus on a new diamond ring and earrings. Having complete post purchase dissonance)

3.BCBG Rose Gold  Heels: I know these are more like nude, but for the sake of this post they shall be classified as such. Love the cutwork and the detailing. In real life though i will walk two steps in this and then trip and fall on my face, but we can dream right. I love the shape of these too!

4.Tarun Tahiliani Anarkali: Sometimes Tarun’s Intricate Detailing is just totally mind boggling. This nude and rose gold anarkali is one such  example. I remember enquiring about a similar anarkali from Tarun once just for the heck of it, and i expected a price of about 2-3 lakhs, simply because it’s Tarun you know. Price i got- 7 lakhs Maam. Real Swarovski Crystals have been used in the work. Gulp. Thank you- i shall put that up in my lust list but not in my closet!

5.Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Watch : Im not a watch person, ill be honest iv lost more watches than i can count, but this one with its metallic rose gold strap and baby pink dial is just perfection. Grown up but girly at the same time .

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