Mac Ash Violet Fluidline Review

Written by Guest Writer CSP Ballal

A year ago I was only a black liner lady. Never bothered to even glance at the colored liners so many ladies wore. When i saw all these rainbow colors on every second girls eye , i thought oh my god these ladies have gone nuts. And now, I guess I have to confess I too have gone nuts!!! One  beauty which made me pounce is the Mac Ash Violet Fluid line- it wasn’t black, but it wasn’t a bright shade either, so it eased me into the colored liner phase.

Ash Violet is an absolutely beautiful  deep inky- purple with gorgeous, embedded micro shimmer. It really sets off brown eyes really well and the shimmer inside adds just the right amount of sparkle to your eye.

Mac Fluidline  is  a cream eyeliner which glides on easily through out the application line without any clumping. It dries off pretty fast too. So, if at all a second swipe of application is in your mind ; then you have to act fast. Since the first line would have already been dried, the second swipe might force the shimmers of the first swipe to move out of its place. Not to worry much, they can be easily dusted. Since i am a liquid liner girl, it took me a while to switch to cream eyeliner, but  i am really enjoying this now.

Whats nice is that the liner does not flake and the shimmer does not migrate to your chin . If you rub your eyes accidentally then you will find some shimmer fallout, but that’s expected. Well, the eyeliner will still be intact without chipping or breaking. The eyeliner stays on as long as it is washed. I have not observed any fading too. A mere washing of the face with just face wash and water will not disturb the applied fluid line at all. Some amount of oil is required to wipe it off.

I have used this only on my upper lash line as eyeliner, Never tried this on my water line, i was not too sure whether this was safe to use there considering the shimmer and all.

mac-ash-violet-fluidline2 mac-ash-violet-fluidline mac-ash-violet-fluidline-review


Rating: A

Price: Rs 1000 for 3gm

Recommendation: Mac Ash Violet Fluidline is a beautiful, deep inky purple with small purple micro shimmer. Its a stunning shade if you love purples, and Mac Fluidlines are a must have in every eye liner lover’s stash.

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