Like seriously. Someone needs to tell people Valentines Day is not a national holiday. The Help in my house actually looked at me in shock and horror when she heard i was staying in for Valentines Day. Some people DO THAT you know- like people who have a super early morning the day after and a super late working day on the day itself . They make do with home made pasta, wine (LOTS OF IT..hic ) and a nice candelit dinner in the middle of their hallway. Anyway, that has absolutely nothing to do with Mac Eyeshadows but just incase you want to give yourself a nice Valentines Day present comprising of Mac Eyeshadows, here are 38 swatches to help you make up your mind!!!!



Left to Right: Mac Humid Eyeshadow Swatch, Mac Contrast Eyeshadow Swatch, Mac Hepcat Eyeshadow Swatch, Mac Steamy Eyeshadow, Mac Parfait Amour Eyeshadow

From the above- I love Mac Humid. Its a great green , and looks super pretty on brown eyes. Hepcat id nice too, but its so similar to Plum Dressing which i own so i dont need !


Left to Right: Mac Deep Truth Eyeshadow Swatch, Mac Sable Eyeshadow Swatch, Mac Tempting Eyeshadow Swatch, Mac Lucky Green Eyeshadow Swatch, Mac Star Violet  Eyeshadow



Left to Right: Mac Woodwinked Eyeshadow Swatch, Mac Bronze Eyeshadow, Mac Folie, Mac Plum Dressing, Mac Expensive Pink Eyeshdaow Swatch

The list above probably describes most of my favourite mac eyeshadows. Expensive PInk is one of my all time favourites and FOlie is my all time favourite creaase color. Bronze and Woodwinked are both staples in my wardrobe as well. Plum Dressing is pretty but i find i dont end up using it as much!


Left to Right: Mac Beauty Marked  Eyeshadow Swatch, Mac Mulch Eyeshadow, Mac Green Smoke, Mac Sumptuous Olive, Mac Retrospeck

mac-eyeshadow-swatches-8Left to Right: Mac Cranberry Eyeshadow, Mac Tilt, Mac Paradisco Eyeshadow Swatch, Mac Trax eyeshadow, Mac Club

The swatch of Mac Club really doesnt do it justice. Its one of the most unique eyeshadows that every smokey eye lover needs to own. Its like this muddy, dirty, blackened green, but it has a hint of deep purple in it somewhere to. Very unique.

mac-eyeshadow-swatches-001Left to Right: MAc Goldmine Eyeshadow, Mac Texture Eyeshadow, Mac Knight Divine Eyshadow Swatch, Mac Freshwater Eyeshadow Swatch, Mac Rice Paper



Mac Cranberry Eyeshadow Swatch, Mac Antiqued Eyeshadow Swatch, Mac Mythology Eyeshadow



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