Morninnnnggggggg Delhhiites! (And other people who have woken up to a less cold, less wet, and brighter morning). Lets start the day with a little bit of  a quiz.Look at the picture below and tell me your thoughts

scarlet-ibis If you thought “What a gorgeous bird”, then you are the nature loving kind, normal human being. If you thought “Ouch that beak is so poky”  then you are the kinds who gets caught up in too many details and needs to enjoy the bigger picture. If however you thought “OMG i want a lipstick of that color” then you are the rarer, makeup obsessed kinds and could find a spot  on the Mac Team. Because that bird above girls is called Scarlet Ibis, and that is the inspiration behind Mac’s Scarlet Ibis Lipstick from the Marilyn Monroe Collection! Seriously, what a gorgeous color for a lipstick !


Mac Scarlet Ibis is an orange based, warm red and such a stunning color for Indian Skin tones. Its always hard to pull of reds with warmer skin tones like ours- some are too blue based, and the warmer ones pull too orange , but Scarlet Ibis hits that sweet spot right in the middle. Its a red no doubt, but the warm orange undertone makes it uber flattering on our skintones! Iv tried brighter colors like So Chaud and Lady Danger on me before , and iv never quite had the guts to carry off the bold bright orange in them. With Scarlet Ibis i feel like the orange is much more balanced with the red so it doesnt come off looking neon.  Its just  Definitely the best red lipstick iv tried till date for my medium skin tone! It launched first in the Iris Apfel Collection if i remember right, and i even remember multiple Mac Artists claiming it to be their favourite SPring/Summer 2012 Lipstick from all the runway shows, so its no surprise that its come back as a repromote.

In terms of texture, Scarlet Ibis is a matte finish but a beautiful matte finish. It doesn’t drag or pull on your lips like harsh mattes can do, but just immediately envelopes your lips in gorgeous full blown color. It also is not excessively drying- i mean all matte lipsticks will be just a tad bit drying, but this is only a tad and very comfortable to wear. It lasts for a good 6-7 hours on me so lasts a long time as well , and the finish is just a really nice, polished, matte lip.

mac-scarlet-ibis-lipstick-3 mac-scarlet-ibis-lipstick-1







A quick early morning before going to work picture. Wearing Tinted Moisturizer and eyeliner.

Verdict: A

Product:4.5/5, Pigmentation:5/5, Texture:4/5, Longevity:4/5, Packaging &Value:4.5/5

Price : Rs 1050/-

Recommendation: If you have been looking for a bright red or orange , and find that most of them o not suit your warm skintone, then Scarlet Ibis will not dissapoint. Its an absolutely beautiful orange based red .. if you enjoy bright lip colors you will love this , and the texture is lovely as well- comfortable to wear and very pigmented. It will probably lean a bit too orange on cooler skintones, but on most tones like mine this is great!

Disclaimer: Sent by PR. Honest Review. Pinky Promise on the pointy beak of the scarlet Ibis


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