Maybelline 14 hr lipstick in Stay With Me Coral: Swatches & Review

There are very few times in my life that i actually feel like entering a kitchen to cook something that’s not a cake/brownie/pie. I think God just forgot to give me the cooking gene, along with the  figuring out directions gene. But today i said “Gene or no Gene, dammit i am going to cook something!” So  A  day that consisted of  a trip to the mall for a movie , some grocery shopping, and 2 hours of browsing food blogs finally led to home cooked dinner by wifey (for the first time since my wedding ) in the Shahani Household! On the menu tonight was Sesame Chicken and Rice, served by an exhausted girl in PJ’s covered with cornflour and sesame seeds with bright, coral lipstick on her lips. You know when she applied that lipstick? 11 am…you know what time it is now …10 : 00 pm , yup true to its name, the Maybelline 14 hr Lipstick is definitely ‘Staying With Me’  all through the day!

Stay With me Coral is a Bright , Vivid Pink Coral . It looks pinker on your lips than it does swatched on the arm, but its a really bright, pretty color for warmer skin tones. If you are looking for a bright lipstick on a budget that still suits medium skintones, Stay With Me Coral will not dissappoint! It reminds me a bit of Colorbar Flirtatious Pink Take Me as i Am Lipcolor actually, except this is ‘matter’ and a tad  brighter.

So here is the deal with these 14 hr lipsticks. They are super pigmented, like swoosh one swipe and you have full blown color. They also last REALLY long, i mean they really don’t let go of your lips for a good 10 hours. I’m constantly looking in the mirror going Whaaa? Yr still there you tiny little thing? Why are you not half swallowed, smeared, evaporated or transferred on the boys cheek yet? ;)

Sounds great right? Well yeah…except that these get kind of drying over time. When you apply them , they are pretty comfortable..but within an hour you definitely start to feel the dryness. Moreover, they arent creamy so they don’t really glide very softly and they sort of drag on your lips when you apply. Whether you like the finish or not is a personal choice, i prefer softer mattes like the Colorbar Velvet Matte lipsticks, these are kind of like harsh mattes and thats why i think they are quite drying too!

Other things to note- the fragrance is like candy!! Fruit Candy. Oh and these are not cheap- i just think in this price bracket there is a fair bit of competition and the Maybelline 14 hr lipsticks need some tweaks in the texture department to truly knock out others in this segment!!



maybelline-14hr-lipstick-stay-with-me-coral maybelline-14hr-lipstick-stay-with-me-coral-1


maybelline-14hr-lipstick-stay-with-me-coral-3 maybelline-14hr-lipstick-stay-with-me-coral-4


 Verdict: B

Product: 3/5,  Pigmentation: 4/5,  Texture: 2.5/5,  Longevity: 5/5,   Value for Money & Packaging: 2.5/5

Price: Rs 525/-

Recommendation: Maybelline 14 hr lipstick in STay with me coral is a gorgeous bright coral pink that is likely to flatter warmer skin tones. There is no denying this is a unique,  stunner of a shade , and its a color i absolutely adore. While these are very pigmented and last for a good 10 hours on me, they are quite drying and im not a fan of the finish-they are not buttery, or soft mattes. Whats bothering me really is that in this price bracket there are many other great lipsticks to choose from…so it all comes down to whether these are value for money or not.

Disclaimer : Product sent by PR

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