Iv said it before- Mehendi was torture for me ! 6 hours of squiggly lines, no matter how gorgeous it was….i literally wanted to whack my mehendiéd hand into my mehendi artists face !! (I was a violent bride!) But whether you love or hate Mehendi, you cant deny that the Mehendi event is a really fun, relaxed function ! All your close friends and family, dressed up in bright colors,  tapping their feet to DDLJ’s Mehendi Laga ke Rakhna (Even 10 years on, thats still a Mehendi staple for me)

Finding something suitable to wear for this function is a tricky job. What should you wear so that you are comfortable enough to dance around , but also get mehendi put on your hands and feet. You dont want to be tied down with something overly complicated and smudge your mehendi in the process, but you still need to look like a bride and enjoy with your family. Over the past couple of months, iv attended so many mehendi functions, with so many different looks that i wish i had put more thought into my own mehendi outfit- which i just kind of threw together ! SO this is a requested post from a bride to be -Divya, who wantes some ideas!
mehendi-lehengas (1)


1. A light, Bright, Multicolored Lehenga: The Mehendi function is all about being bright, peppy with an Indian Touch! you can wear a super bright, multicolored lehenga in contrasting colors to set that fun, Indian Spirit alive. The lightness of the skirt lets you flow and float around and a sleeveless blouse ensures your mehendi ggoes on perfectly. You can even make the skirt in crinkled fabric with lots of layers !



A gorgeous pink lacha!

2. A Pakistani Suit with Pallazos : Bored of Lehengas? Get a pretty pakistani style suits stitched with wide legged pants called Pallazos . The pallazos let the mehendi go on your feet without a hassle as they are not tight around your ankle like a churidar. The flowy pakistani silhouette lets you move around and dance


3.The Sexy Bride’s “Slitted’ Mehendi Lehenga:  A tiny blouse, and a skirt with a long slit, is what i saw on a recent bride. While the style is not for me,  She had on a jewelled Sabya blouse for the top and a plain velvet skirt at the bottom with a slit and she really carried it off. You can keep the skirt straight if you dont want the ultra-flarey look but get a long slit upto your knee so putting mehendi is easier !!

4.The kurti with 3/4 churidar: Just get your favourite neon pink kurti out, make sure its sleeveless, and get it made with 3 quarter style pants!


5. The Short Lehenga: Another popular option these days is to get a lehenga choli stitched with the lehenga just being flared out like a skirt till below your knees. You know the ‘munni badnaam ‘ lehenga? Well, sort of what malaika wore in that , except wth a longer top and in bright, classier and more vibrant colors. This is what my cousin wore, and she looked gorgeous! My only issue is that with this kind of an outfit, you can really wear it again!


6. Phoolon ki Jewellery: One of the prettiest trends is to wear jewellery made out of real flowers on your wedding day. A string of yellow flowers around your neck, some around your hair and a single one as a maang tikka completes the indian princess look!

gota-jewellery8.Gota Jewellery: This is the latest trend to hit Mehendi events, and i LOVE it ! Jewellery and hairbands is made out of bright gold/silver  Gota cut into earrings, necklaces and rings !!!OMG the hairbands are so funky , it makes me wanna buy one just aivee! These photos are from Nino’s Creations

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