Meet Nandini.

A Recent bride from Delhi, with a cute love story and a fun, cross cultural marriage complete with a serenade on her sangeet. Nandini skipped the big shops and chose to design and create her own outfits and looks (She’s a designer herself by the way)! Armed with a great makeup artist, and an effortless sense of style, Nandini made one gorgeous Bride!


Tell us a bit about your Love Story !!

We had a love marriage. We met at a friends party.  Varun took the first step and tried to get all pally, and then he asked me for lunch the next day. I just thought it was a little uncalled for! So as expected i turned it down and Varun backed off thinking i was way too snooty for his taste. but somewhere there was some mysterious connection. I’d always find varun around me. we were still hanging out with the same friends probably making them awkward with our cold attitude towards one another.  Eventually i felt varun wasn’t what i thought of him. He was just being a boy when he saw me first. I finally decided to break the ice. As we spoke more we realised we were 2 very different people from what we appeared to be the first time we met. Although we couldn’t stand each other initially we kinda really hit it off later and there was no looking back ever since :)

So it was a cross cultural wedding, those are always fun and always a juggle of balancing traditions right?

Yes it was a cross-culture wedding. we were all a bunch of very liberal people and totally welcomed this change! There were a lot of differences but very excitedly we explored the otherside. For example, since my mother is from Kerela, i was always keen on wearing the tradition Kerela sari on one of the ocassions, but for varun’s family, with deep punjabi roots, white was supposedly inauspicious. However i was never asked to forget about this idea. we had the wedding lunch with a south indian theme where everyone wore white, red and gold and it was absolutely beautiful!

 bridal-lehenga2 bridal-lehenga1 bride bridal-lehenga
Tell us about your outfits
Most of my outfits were customised. I got them done to my taste at chandni chowk. there are plenty of stores out there. Sorry im forgetting the names, but i remember one – Pakeezah. In these stores you’ll see a great display fine craftsmanship but you might not find trendy outfits. If you have the imagination, then chandni chowk is your playground. I had a vivid picture of what i wanted!I think i knew it for years :)I just had to go give the instructions to the tailor and there is was!
Outfits in Chandni Chowk can range form anywhere between 25,000-5,00,000. i know it’s a wide range, but you get somethign for every taste. if you look harder, you might find something even cheaper.
Tell us about your favourite function!
Cocktail without a doubt! it was a huge party – went on till 4-5am! And that too because all of us decided to leave, the DJ was still by his console! By the end of it, everyone was in the pool :)
It started with toasts and then performances. Varun surprised me with a rocking video of our pictures put together and then he and his “band of boys” (read best buddies) sang a song for me. it was ‘Stand by me’ by oasis. Varun was at the guitar and i felt like i had a private concert going on :)  (Awww) . Our own song was ‘Tu Mera Hero’- we rapped to it. We always do!!
Who Did you Makeup. I love how natural, yet radiant you look.
My makeup artist was Simran Kalra. She has magic in her hands. I have never looked prettier! i feel spoiled by her make up now ’cause i wanna look like that everyday now :) it’s an addiction i’m telling you!
On a serious note – she was brilliant. she exactly knew what colours to use and what would suit me. it was never overdone or even too muted. it was flawless. (Editors Note: I can vouch for simran guys, not just because she is a friend of mine, but because she does really great work. She worked with MAC previously, and those of you who dont want to spend a complete bomb on makeup artists really need to get in touch with her on her facebook page)
My photographers were Sharik verma and Shreya sen. they had an eye for detail. Sharik caught some beauiful moments while Shreya captured priceless emotions!

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