‘Nayha and Nick’ sounds completely like the name of a Bollywood Rom-com, but this is the real life couple we are featuring on P&B today!  Nayha is a bride from Mumbai with a multicultural wedding and multicultural outfits ;) .

Hey Nayha, So Whats the Nayha & Nick Story?

 We had a love marriage. Met briefly when we were in school through a common friend. Then few years later bumped into each other at the Singapore airport (he was coming back from australia and I was on family holiday in s’pore) He recognised me… We sat together on the flight and were in touch for about a year or so and then lost touch..A few years later I was going to Dubai on work.. And I knew that he worked in Qatar airlines in Doha.. So I decided to call him out of the blue.. Long story short, he came to Dubai and we met again.. Few sparks flew  then, but it was too short a trip, we were in touch for another year and again we lost touch..

Finally when he quit Qatar and was back in Bombay.. We bumped into each other yet again.. And we were in touch ever since.. ;) after few months we started seeing each other.. And in a few years got engaged and a year and a half later got married on 07-11-12 :) it will 7 years on April 28th, the day he asked me out :) pheww..!!! ;)

Cross Cultural Wedding huh? How did it go?
 He is Christian Sindhi.. So yes it was a cross cultural wedding. We Had an Indian and a Christian wedding.. Coming to the decision of having 2 weddings  was the challenge but it all worked out.. Nick n I did pretty much everything for the wedding in terms of decision making.. So it was easier for us..

LRBlessing-14 bridal-lehenga6

Gown for the Christian Wedding

bridal-lehenga5 brides-saree

Where are your outfits from? You look like a princess in that gown!

Gown and cocktail outfit from Francesca Smith (model and desinger – stays at pali hill),

Wedding saree – Delhi Karol Bagh Area

My Makeup was done by a MUA in Bombay called Dinesh who did really nice, subtle makeup for me.


The Photos are so fun! The ones of you getting ready need to be framed and enlarged !!!!! 

My Candid Photographer was Payal from My confirming Payal was quite a funny story .. I saw her work on a friends profile. Got in touch with her and  kept going back n forth back n forth for months.I think it all worked out coz I think I wanted it really badly. Somewhere explaining this whole candid photographer concept was a bit difficult to  my parents and Nick , so hence the hesitation. But  finally because I was going on n on about it, Nick said FINE.. Let’s do it.. And I was most happy.. If you have seen the pics they are simply superb.. My dad is super impressed as well..

We also did a ‘save the date’ shoot with payal, which have got some fun pics :)


I am very happy with the way things turned out at my wedding.. nick and I had a blast even tho it was really hectic with 3 functions on one day. Morning wedding (indian), evening (blessing ceremony), reception.. All of which I had to change for..!! So when I look back at it, I feel like how did we pull this off.. But I realised when its your wedding, there is a different kind of adrenal rush which makes it easier to do things and enjoy them.. 

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