As i was watching Kate Hudson and Anne Hathway turn into mega bride-zilla’s for their big day in the movie ‘Bride Wars’, I realised something. We need a wedding gift registry system in India dammit!. You know like how abroad, the bride and groom go and pick their gifts and create a registry and then the nice generous guests come and buy those gifts for them! That  in India , will ensure, you don’t recieve items such as ” The Roti Maker” on your wedding day (Trust me. I got one. Still lying somewhere inside) But you know what some nice guests also gave me- this absolutely amazing perfume by Prada called Prada Candy. I don’t even know who gave me this, but just in case you read my blog …THANK YOU! I absolutely adore it, the box, the perfume itself , everything.  I’ll make sure if I ever attend your wedding, ill never give you the Roti Maker ok?

K so then, apart from the obviously cute pink box complete with a fluffy cushion, what else is special about it. LOTS!!!

First of all, lets talk about how this  smells. You would imagine a perfume called Candy to be one of those sickly sweet-fruity scents that sixteen year olds wear, but this is Prada Dah-ling, they don’t make stuff that’s tacky! This is like the grown-up womans version of a warm, slightly fruity, sweet caramel scent. The first whiff, you get a sharp burst of a slightly candy like fruit  flavour, which settles down into this gorgeous, vanilla-caramel smell in a few minutes and about fifteen minutes later, it  has this musky, soapy  kind of texture which balances the sweetness perfectly . This is the perfect scent for me- not sickly sweet, but flirty enough to make you feel like a princess !!

Secondly, this lasts ages. I can wear it to work in the morning (though i don’t like wasting it on my colleagues !) , and just around my evening snack time say six hours later, this is still lingering on my wrist. Just a whiff of musky vanilla, but it’s there all right!

Thirdly, well I love the packaging too ! The bottle  may not be anything overly exciting compared to the kind of shapes we see, but the box and the cushion and everything else more than makes up for it !


prada-perfume1 prada-candy-perfume3




Verdict: A+

Price: Rs 4950 but can be bought for Rs 4000/- online (Price for 80ml)

Recommendation: Prada Candy, is the perfect ‘ME ‘ scent. It’s subtle, and very soft. Its girly, with just a slight kick of fruity and has a warm vanilla vibe to it, but it’s not too sweet . The muskiness balances the sweetness and ensures this is still a sophisticated womans scent ! If i had to sum it in one life: Its like the Grown Up Girl’s Playful Fun Perfume!

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