lakme1 While Lakme may have undergone a transformation more dramatic than Karisma Kapoor’s makeover in the nineties (Bye Bye undone eyebrows and big hair. Hello sleek, straight hair in Raja Hindustani!) , its still the one brand that will link you, your mom and possibly even your grandma together ! Here are my picks for the best and worst of Lakme Products. Tell me yours in the comments below !

The  Best of Lakme

  • Lakme Kiss of a Rose Cream Blush 

The first cream blush, in the fantasy collection range has become a dressing table staple for me. Though it has hardened over time, it blends nicely, it imparts a beautiful neutral pink flush and is overall such a great value for money product.

  • Lakme Absolute Blushes

Always said these were highly under-rated ! Nice color pay off, with shimmer that gives a gorgeous glow and sheen to the cheek!

  • Lakme Absolute Matte Lipsticks

 They last a decent amount of time,  can be built up for coverage, and are moisturizing soft mattes that give a beautiful stained look on your lips. Just wish the colors they had in these were better. Theyv gone and launched a whole range of purples in this which i dont really understand.

  • Lakme Eyeconic Kajal / Lakme Black Satin

If you can deal with the removal issues with this Eyeconic, this is a fantastic kajal. Long lasting, intensely black and soft to apply. If smudgy , soft kohl is what you are after then Black Satin is a great bet!

  • Lakme Insta Liner: 

Best Budget Liner according to me. Super easy to apply, with a thin brush and a makeup staple in my bag.

  •  Lakme Lip love Lipstick

Even with the cheesy packaging, i actually really liked these lipsticks!!! Aphrodite Blush and Rose Kissed from this range continue to be some of my all tim favourite lipsticks!

  • Lakme Earth Rose Trio

Swirls of dusty pink, caramel and sandy beige together made this a super flattering blush for indian skin tones!! Still love this, just wish it lasted longer

The In Between 

  • Lakme Absolute Lipglosses
  • While i adore how these hug your lips and how pretty that shimmer inside them is, they need to expand the color range and these are a bit on the sheer side. Still is definitely up there in some of my nicer glosses though.
  • Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation
  • I actually love everything about this foundation- the nice healthy glow it gives you and how moisturising it is. Except it doesn’t last and it tends to transfer on to things. If they just tweaked its sturdiness i think we would have a winner!

  • Lakme Forever Silk Eyeliners 
  • I absolutely love Jaded Mint in this one which is this gorgeous emerald green !! These are super soft to apply and quit pigmented, but they have some flakiness and fallout issues. Plus theyr hard to remove sometimes

  • Lakme Eyeconic Mascara:
  • Decently priced,  and it defines ans seperates the lashed well though it falls short in the volume department. If a nice everyday , milk mascara is what you are looking for you may like this !

  • Lakme Perfect Radiance Multi Mineral Compact 
  • Definitely one of the best budget compacts in the market. Smooth to apply, non cakey, with decent coverage. Nuf said

  • Lakme Silk Naturelle Foundation: 
  • I don’t know if they even continue to sell this, but for a long time this was my everyday work staple. Just a light to medium coverage foundation that acted as a tinted moisturizer in summer months. Super cheap too!


The Worst of Lakme

  • Lakme Lip Last: Its like manual labour getting these to work ! Keep going clickety click till some thin runny fluid comes out that is non moisturizing, and hardly has enough pigment. No thank you!.
  • Lakme All Over Shimmer Body Gloss

 They tried to pass this off as a highlighter, but honestly it just makes your skin look oily not glowy! The rainbow colored sheen in the liquid that is supposed to highlight dies down and after about an hour your skin looks greasy where this has been applied.

  • Lakme Fantasy Collection SHimmer Dust Bronzer

Sprayed with chunky glitter all across the top of the pan ensures that you need to do a lot of work before you can actually enjoy the colors of the bronzer which are not half bad, but with the chunkiness of the glitter they really get killed !!

  • Lakme Absolute Baked Eyeshadows/ Lakme Eyeshadow Quads

I just didnt get these ! They seemed way to shimmery in a tacky sort of a way, and i didnt like the colors they came up with ! Im not a fan of the quads either. I feel like eyeshadow is a department Lakme really needs to work on.

  •  Lakme 9 to 5 Flawless Radiance Creme to Powder Compact

Ugh. Dont like this at all. Actually don’t like the entire 9 to 5 range to be honest. This is just so hard to apply, its like do you apply it after foundation because this is all creamy and looks like foundation itself. Or do you apply it with a wet sponge in which case it looks streaky . Plus this melts and doesn’t hold up at all

What i Would Like to See From Lakme in the Future

  • A Nude Eyeshadow Palette with soft, pigmented and buttery eyeshadows- the colors should range from golds to browns to coppers and champagne shades!
  • A Mascara with full on Volume to give competition to Maybelline COllosal.
  • More fun collections, with nice packaging and peppy , bright colors. Absolute was nice, but they just didnt cash in with Lipstick Shade
  • A Soft Rose Gold Highighter without chunky shimmer


* All of the above are obviously based on the products i have tried. Anything i havent tried hasn’t been mentioned in the post! What would your best/worst of Lakme be?

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