While most products reviewed on P&B  fall into the ‘Average to Good’ category, there are some superlative and some totally dud exceptions. Today, we are talking about the totally dud ones which failed the P&B Review metric! Oh by the way, just so everyone knows how the review metrics work- anything rated B+ and above is worth looking into . Anything rated B and below, is probably not. These ones, these were rated C !

Ps: I just saw Django Unchained (The boy has been fantasizing…no really  FANTASIZING  about this movie for 6 months, i swear !!! Im just happy to get it out of the way. Next movie pick is on me! !! Suggestions?)

 1.Maxfactor Second Skin Foundation: This was ashy, and wierd and drying on me. To top that off, it looked like a film on your face without actually giving any coverage. No thank you. I shall pass! Bad impulsive purchase!

2.Lakme Absolute Lip last: I went on a crazy clicking spree with this one but…NOTHING! You keep clicking that pen, and then after it has pity on you on the 5,6745th click- a puny amount of runny liquid comes out that does not moisturize and also does not give good color coverage!

3.Lush Coolaulin Conditioner:  How hard is it for a conditioner to get things right? I mean its supposed to do two things right- moisturize, and smoothen out tangles. This did neither and smelt aweful!!!!It says it has coconut inside which by the way, is a scent i love but this smelt like hay and my hair felt like hay too!!!

4.Oriflame Lash Explosion Mascara: Lash Explosion my a**. More like lash- just slightly longer. But that wasnt even the problem- the problem was it flaked like its nobody’s business and my cheeks had black spots like a coal miner ! Nope . not happening !

5.Inglot Matte Lipstick 401: Now, i don’t know what happened with this lipstick. Inglot is a brand that rarely, if ever dissapoints. But the texture on this was like- using a scrub on your lips. It was so harsh and so drying!! You had to drag it across your lips and then flaky bits of your lips would stand it.


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