Inglot DS 504 (4)

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow 504: Turquoise Blue!

Guest post by Priya R. (Light Skin tone, dry to normal skin type)

I recently hauled my first ever eyeshadows from Inglot and these are absolutely gorgeous. When I first walked into the Inglot Store I was awestruck looking at so so many of colors and different shades of the same colors too! Then they have options in finishes too – double Sparkle, AMC, Matte and what not! The one I am reviewing today is the from their Freedom System Refill range and it the shade D.S. 504. The refills are again available in square & round shapes but logic & commonsense calls for buying square refills as they are more in quantity at same price. The color D.S. 504 is a gorgeous turquoise blue cum peacock-ish blue and a must have color in the kitty. The finish is Double Sparkle but it isn’t all about sparkle only. It has tiny micro-shimmer in silver which might look heavy in the pan but when applied on the eyes it looks very subtle. This color is definitely great for night time but it could be worn during day time too. The sparkles actually don’t scare you so much if you are a matte liking gal.

The texture is buttery smooth and creamy and glides easily on the eyelids and that too evenly. It does not crumble in the pan and it is easy to pick up with brush too. There is hardly any fallout too while applying, so the chances a shimmer all over face is almost nil. It does not feel gritty at all even though it has micro shimmer. It is superb again in terms of pigmentation. Highly pigmented and it works well without any base too! The color shows off really well without any base. Imagine with a black base, this color will simply stand out. It stays on forever and it does not crease & no fading either. It will come off only when you decide to take it off. Well, thats a lot of good things about this beauty and I really don’t have any problem except for storage. I really recommend investing in a palette or do make our own palette to store these refills to avoid attracting dirt.

Inglot DS 504 (3) Inglot DS 504 (2) Inglot DS 504 (1)

Pros of Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow 504:

1.       Extremely smooth textured. Glides very easily.
2.       Non-gritty even though it contains micro-shimmer
3.       Stays on for long without creasing
4.       Highly pigmented
5.       Very affordable


  1. Storage

Verdict: A+

Price: Rs 300/-

Recommendation: The Inglot Eyeshadow in 504 is a beautiful turquoise blue. It is highly pigmented, texture is buttery, does not crease, cost effective and it is perfect for Indian Weddings & parties & night outs. If you are looking for a turquoise blue shade then I highly recommend you to try this out!

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