inglot-freedom-system-lipstick2 Inglot Freedom System Lipstick No. 26 Review and Swatch

By Guest Blogger Heena

I don’t know how long goodbyes last  for when we have guests at home. My neighbourhood aunt is saying goodbye right now  and was still saying one about half hour ago. Not that i have anything against this neighbourhood aunt, but i was dying for her to get out so i could do two things. One-  gobble all the candies laid for her , Two- Experiment with my new Inglot Lippie!!!

Inglot freedom system lipstick no. 26 is a beautiful subtle pink shade with peach undertones.  Its a beautiful, soft, muted color and i absolutely love this shade. This is one of those colors I never get bored of wearing. It looks good as an everyday pretty lip color and looks good even when I sport smokey eyes (which by the way happens like twice a year?!). For darker girls, this may wash them out as an everyday lipstick but would work well as a pink nude, but for medium and lighter skin girls this is really stellar!

The formula is creamy and moisturizing. The pigmentation is between sheer and medium. It definitely wouldn’t cover pigmented lips fully, but you need to layer it to amp up the coverage. However the sheerness is what makes me love this so much. It’s so appropriate for day time wear- just light, and summery and fresh without feeling heavy and gloopy. It stays on me for around 3 hours without any snacks and drinks. With snacks and drinks, it fades. Yeah! But I don’t mind re-applying this lipstick for the beautiful pink color sake!

inglot-freedom-system-lipstick3 inglot-freedom-system-lipstick1 inglot-freedom-system-lipstick

Overall Verdict : A-

Price: Rs 300 for 1.2 gm

Recommendation: Inglot freedom system lipstick no.26 is a beautiful soft peachy pink that is very versatile. Darker skin girls may want to test whether this washes them out, but this will definitely look great on medium and lighter skin tones. Its a color that works well as an everyday muted lip, but also as one thta can be paired with heavier eyes.

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