floral-blazer2 Happy Saturdayyyyy Ladiessss!!!!  So Yesterday I went on a crazy shoe spree and bought like 4 pair of shoes from Venus Steps within ten minutes. That’s how it usually happens with me- I plan, and I save and I don’t buy too many things on the whim, but then suddenly on impulse BAM! There are multiple packets coming home! With the summer season starting, i needed new shoes and  i think i need a new wardrobe, iv been under sweaters  for so long iv forgotten that a summer wardrobe of mine still exists! One staple though that transitions effortlessly between summer, spring and winter is this Floral Blazer !!!!

When I first got it i thought …hmmm, pretty, but i don’t know if i can just throw it on with anything. But over time iv worn it so many different ways- with a tight white tank and bright  yellow pants. With a bright-colored top and white trousers, even with an all navy blue ensemble so it’s worked in more ways than one !!! I love how fresh, and springy it looks,and how it can be worn to a formal event without looking boring !


Searching for a lipbalm- where are you Maybelline Baby lips! floral-blazer3

See my hair? Thats how Monica Geller’s hair become in friends. I’m not joking, that’s what happens when it rains to my hair. *POOOF* its a giant frizz ball, but atleast it looks like I have a mass of hair (in reality i don’t, i have severe hair loss issues so i dont mind my hair looking frizzy :p).floral-blazer01

Where i Bought the Blazer From: Classy & Fabulous Shop has a ton of these, and iv bought two other blazers from her previously as well- a mint green one i wore here and a beige one i wore here. There is a lot of other stuff to chose from as well- skirts, tops (super trendy work wear tops IMO), pants, dresses but i love the blazers the most !! This costs 2200/- Rs, which i think is pretty worth it considering its a blazer, and one you wont just find in any store in India. Definitely think you need to check out her facebook store here

The top inside is a cut work  high-low vest from Vero Moda and the white pants are from Vero Moda as well!



PS: In the March issue, watch out for P&B in Cosmopolitan and then in April dont forget to buy the Femina issue in the first 15 days. Super excited about the Femina issue!!! You have to read it to find out why.

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