Priyam Says “Im not too fussy about shampoos but i would recommend the volume and bounce shampoo from Herbal Essences. They have super cute nams and this one is called jealous bounce or something.” (PS: Priyam has naturally stunningly beautiful, glossy, shiny black hair . She can literally do nothing with them and they would still look gorgeous)




Esha Says”I use Dove Shampoo and Conditioner and then the Kerastese Elixir Serum!” Fact: Esha has a mss of super cute, natural, bouncy curls that has been straightened in the pic)

Pbpanel2-002Sanjana says “My Staple SHampoo is Loreal Total Repair 5, but i straighten my hair pretty often so i also use Kerastese Conditioner and heat protector spray to keep it healthy”



I say “One shampoo i really like is Jovees Anti Hair Fall one . I think its the neem one but its hard to catch hold off. These days im using the Tressemme Range, which is nice and mkes my hair smooth but doesnt keep it fresh for very long. Conditioner is always Dove for dry damaged hair


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