Meet Priyanka
A pretty Kanpur girl who got married recently. She tells us about her fun sangeet, and her beautiful outfits all of which she got custom made !

Hi Priyanka, Tell us about yourself !

Born and brought up in Kanpur, but have been staying in delhi for the past 8 years. The wedding took place in my hometown as my parents had always wanted that and I couldnt agree more…it did turn out to be a destination wedding for a lot of ppl though who were visiting the city for the first time..all the 200 guests were staying at the same hotel and it was 2 days of togetherness and celebrations.

Tell us about your Love Story!
Karan and I have known each other for 5 years. We came a long way from interacting on a college community on Orkut to being best friends. We also worked together for a couple of years. Through all the ups and downs, fights and making up..we did realize life could be beautiful together. Nobody seemed to object to our fairy-tale, friends were happy, families happier. :))
 suit-purple engagement-lehenga1 bridal-lehenga-1
 Love your outfits! Where from?
I was never someone who’d be fussy about clothes and be brand concious..but when it was about being  a bride I realized I wont settle for just any lehenga…so I ended up deciding the fabrics, the colours, the work..took about a month of roaming about in exhibitions, scanning all the various stores to know what I exactly wanted in my Bridal outfit.

Only my sagan  outfit was a ready made suit which I picked from a boutique at ShahpurJat. I got both my other outfits stitched after a lot of mix and match and deliberation. Got the embroidery done from Chandni Chowk and got them stitched by my trusted boutique back in Kanpur.

Tell us about the wedding functions

Our wedding functions included the mehendi, sagan, sangeet, wedding followed by a reception. Undoubtedly the most fun was the Sangeet and Cocktail Party. Our friends and family did perform on the sangeet. It was not a skit, just a medley of all the fun numbers  ( Subah Hone Na De, Second Hand Jawani, Main Sharaabi, Halkat Jawani, Disco Deewane). I love dancing, I was high on music. It was a carefree, insane party after all. Karan and I danced on 2 songs – Radha (well who didnt in 2012) :P followed by  Raabta..Raabta was always our song I guess..about 2 people who are meant to be.. :)

What about Makeup & Photography?
I did a lot…”a lot” of research on the make up artist and photographers. Meeting all the criteria’s (availability, willingness to travel all the way to kanpur, and most important value for money). was the catch. I could never really know how much is too much when it came to paying them for the service.

Rashmi Kalra, my make up artist is a Delhi-based artist. (Editors Note: Will try and get you guys an email id of hers) I had gone to meet her for a trial with my sister and just knew she was the one I was gonna finalize. Her make up was natural and light on the skin and hairstlying was trendy and just about right. I took a package from her for all my functions which included make up and hair for my mother and sister as well. She came with a helper and did a great job.

Payal Kumar, the candid photographer from Mumbai, was my choice coz I loved her work right when I saw it. We are not a couple who’d get posed wedding pics framed on our walls. She has the knack of capturing moments which make you relive the most beautiful days of your lives. I have always been in love with pictures and wanted someone who’d be hassle-free and patient. When I spoke to her I knew I had found what I needed !

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