Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain in Honey Douce

If you looked through my wallet, you would probably find a lot more loyalty cards than credit cards . I mean, i have a Cocoberry loyalty card for god sake, and was almost going to get one for Red Mango till i realized no sane person carries around loyalty cards for 2 frozen yogurt joints !! Infact if they ever made loyalty cards for chubby lip products, im sure i would line up for those too- they are  all i have bought in the past 3 months-Chubby sticks, Colorbar take me as i am lip colors and now these Revlon Just Bitten Balm stains ! That would be kind of cool- Im loyal to chubbyness in makeup- that mascara is not plump enough missy!

Up for discussion today is the shade Honey Douce!! I thought Honey Douce would mean something like  “Honey you are a total Douche bag!“, but Douce  means sweet apparently, which obviously makes much more sense used next to honey as compared to my analogy! Honey Douce is a neutral, dusty pink with very subtle mauve undertones. On the lips, it just looks very natural- just like my own lip color except more even. Its a nice  everyday work wear shade, if you like neutral lip colors. Personally i would have preferred if it had just a tad bit of more punch to it- a bit more pink maybe? I don’t know, sometimes i feel its too flat so can end up looking a bit dull, but that’s just me. I can imagine this being a sell out shade because its a very flattering one on Indian skin tones- right from paler to darker ones.

These balm stains are quite pigmented, they are semi-sheer on one swipe but are pretty opaque after two. The previous one i tried called Smitten had the finish of a stain, but this one really doesn’t look as much of a stain, as it does of a lightweight lipstick. This one is also much more moisturizing than Smitten, which definitely lacked in the moisture department. These balm stains last about 4 hours on me, and leave a tint as they fade ! I like!




This shade is the natural color of my lips, so it looks like its not visible, but actually it is quite pigmented. Just looks a lot like my natural lip color

Verdict: A-

Price: Rs 600/-

Recommendation: Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain in Honey Douce is a neutral, dusty pink that i can see becoming an everyday  lip color with many Indian girls who love , muted, neutral lips. I would have liked a bit more kick to it personally, but its nice as it is as well. This particular stain performed better than smitten in the moisture department, was pigmented and had a finish that resembled more of a lightweight lipstick than a stain. Nice one to have in your bag, to just throw on for work in the summers

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