Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in Shade 109: Swatches & Review

I got up in the morning, feeling like a grumpy old man  woman . When the boy is out of town (which is 15 days in a month), i shift back to my mom’s house and yesterday i was sleeping in between my mum and my cousin sis . Being Malcolm in the Middle, is a surefire way to get up feeling annoyed, and sleep deprived and just super  irritated !!!!**Boing bump into moms head…*8BOING* bump into cousins nose. Boing Boing Boing -Head -Nose-Face-Lips Collision ! Did i just accidentally kiss my cousin** So to put a smile on the scowl early morning, i knew i needed a pick me up! What better pick me up than the super bright Rimmel Lasting FInish Lipstick from the Kate Moss Collection!

Shade 109 is a super bright, super pretty orange that looks like a bright coral on the lips ! Definitely a shade that will look Oompa-Loompa ish on cooler and paler skin tones but a shade that medium skin tones will absolutely rock. With summer around the corner, i want my flip flops, my orange shirt, white beach shorts, super sized sunnies and this Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick on my lips. Yummers!

The best part of this lipstick is how incredible it is in the pigmentation and texture department. One clean, smooth, creamy swipe of color stays put for over 5 hours, and doesn’t feel drying at all!!! You get full blown color in one slick and it doesn’t drag or pull! Matte Lipsticks are  very hard to master all aspects of,  but this is hands down the best matte formula i have across so far. Creamy, non drying , full coverage and yet long lasting!




Verdict : A+

Price: 5$ internationally, not sure how much they retail in India for. You can buy them in the airport or at Slassy.com

Recommendation: If matte lipsticks have dissapointed you, then you havent met Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick yet. They are excellent in every department, and 109 is a beautiful full blown coral-orange!

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