bbcream-india-001 Iv put my analysing skills to the test (Hey i didnt major in economics for nothing) and come up with this neat little analysis on BB Creams in India ! 


Garnier BB Cream

Maybelline Clear Glow

Deborah BB Cream

Coverage Low but evens out skin tone Medium High
Moisture Quotien Does not Moisturize adequately, but slightly better than Deborah. Moisturizes to an ok extent, but  some flaky areas may remain Does not Moisturize adequately at all, need moisturizer underneath or skin feels dry in half hour
Longevity Lasts long Lasts Long Lasts Long
Ease of Application Super Quick- Quick spread around the face in 2 minutes and you are done!!! Takes some time blending in. Also takes time to settle into the skin Quick- Blends softly and smoothly, but since its high coverage you may want to pay a bit more attention to key areas
Finish Between Matte and Dewy. Really nice finish, natural looking A little too dewy maybe? Can get greasy. Matte
Other aspects Can become shiney after some time, specially if not topped with powder and if you have oily skin
Shades One shade but should suit a variety of skintones 3 Shades available 6 shades available
Best Suited for Girls who don’t mind the lower coverage, but want a quick , effortless everyday option to look polished Girls who need some coverage,  and want a dewy finish. Who don’t mind spending a bit of time, topping up with powder to keep it from getting shiney. Girls who want solid coverage on an everyday basis and need to keep the oil at bay, plus like the polished matte finish.

Whats my favorite  Well im not a B B Cream fan honestly- i just feel like they try to be Jack of all trades, but end up being master of none. Maybe that’s also because i haven’t tried out a true-blue BB cream from the orient, but i much prefer my L’Oreal tinted moisturizer for my dry skin.

However when that is not around,  i usually use Garnier  and on days when im heading out at night and i don’t want to use a foundation- i turn to Deborah for the higher coverage.

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