Phulkari is  slowly but surely creeping up to be one of the hottest trends of 2013 ! Not only did Manish Malhotra put a completely modern twist on Phulkari for WLIFW Autumn Winter 2013, Malaga’s latest bag collection is inspired by Phulkari as well!

Here is what Malaga says :

 What better way to celebrate the oncoming Holi Festival than to have your wardrobe brimming with colour, vitality and ethnic opulence. Malaga presents its latest line of festive handbags, its Phulkari range, which does just that. Using the hand embroidered Phulkari fabrics from the Punjab region, Malaga has combined the hand-picked patterns and colour combinations with sleek silhouettes and simple metal embellishments that highlight the vibrancy and inherent character of the fabric. With complementing colours and tonal options as well, these handbags are the perfect to gift your loved ones on an auspicious occasion of Holi festival.

Price Range- Rs 5000 to 8000

Peachesandblush101Here are my favourite pieces from the Manish Collection, which featured Phulkari in really unique, different colors  and in small doses ! Love!

Here are some ways yoou can incorporate Phulkari in your own outfit

1. Get a plain, Patiala Salwar and a fitted kurta with a vibrant Phulkari Dupatta !!

2. Get a Phulkari corset like i got made for my Mehendi

3.Wear a Phulkari Belt ! I saw someone at my wedding do this- an embroidered sash worn across a plain hot pink chiffon sari. Super trendy!!!!

4.Get a Phulkari Bolero! My mom and her sis got the cutest little bolero jackets made with red and green phulkari, and wore them over their anarkali’s for my ladies sangeet *Refer to Maasi#3*

5. Get an Anarkali, with Phulkari Embroidery all across the bust and the rest loose and flowy!



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