This months Cosmo India is  full of fun, blogger stuff. While there is a super cool feature with all the style bloggers modeling outfits, there is also a feature called ‘Beauty Bloggers Test It’ where 5 of us were asked to sample products and send in our feedback. (I think i was the most critical lol!) 


photo (8)


Thats five of us. See some familiar faces???

photo (7)What is with that wierd photo of me????? I look like a vampire i think!! Haha, it looked so much better in color when i sent it to them- plus my hair is cropped out . But oh well!

photo (6)


Those are the products we got to test out. Loved the Deborah BB Cream the most out of all of them!

You know whats wierd though- whenever i tell my family “Oh im coming in Cosmo”…They are like “Wow on the cover? Really? ” .. I mean…helllo? Im  not Katrina Kaif you know !Ill get a tiny one inch photo at best ! Haha. Its cute that theyr so hopeful though and my dad keeps saving these little cutouts from Magazines. Watch out for Femina in the first fornight of April, because there is a feature in there as well!


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