Coastal Scents Hot Pot Swatches & Review: Shade Deep Sage (M05)

Guest Review by CSP Ballal

I  am not a green eyeliner fan usually and infact this is my first green eyeshadow. This too is something with very dark hues because im scared of anything that might look a bit too colorful on the eyes. But i decided to take a risk with Coastal Scents Hot Pot M05  due to the fact that the green seemed dark and mossy-it had a deeper undertone which i thought would blend in and not stand out! The green is definitely unique and very different to the usual ones. The brand describes the shade as deep mossy green hue-to me its like a deep mossy,  olive green !

A flat round pan about the size of a one rupee coin holds the eye shadow color. The texture of this eyeshadow is completely matte. It is shimmer free. On my eyes, the eyeshadow really seems like a thin film of green dust. Maybe thats because of its  super duper matte texture, and since i dont usually wear matte eyeshadows, im not used to it. However, the brand claims the finish to be a Satin finish, which usually has a soft sheen to it and this one definitely does not.

The pigmentation is not very great if applied without a base, you will need multiple swipes for the color to be packed on. With a base, the pigmentation definitely improves though.  The only way I use this eyeshadow is  as a base color all over the lid; and again top all of this green with a light hand of  golden/bronze.  This results in a beautiful olive-gold ! On its own, i feel like it does fall a bit flat and accentuates under eye circles too!

coastal-scents-hot-pot-2 coastal-scents-hot-pot coastal-scents-hot-pot-3


Verdict: B-

Price: 2$ . Can be purchased from coastal scents website. They deliver internationally

 Recommendation: The Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Deep Sage is a mossy, olive green with a completely matte finish. I thought this left a lot to be desired in terms of finish and pigmentation both. It sort of just looked like a thin film of green dust on my eyes. That being said however, at the price they come at, i will definitely try some new shades with different  , more silky finishes as the shades that are available in this range are absolutely amazing!

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