Colorbar Emphas-eyes Eyeshadow Blending Brush Review

 Guest Review by Lee

Product Description

Playfully dramatic eyes are just a few sweeps away with this almond shaped cutie. The tapered brush head is perfect for applying and blending powder eye shadows and also diffusing stark lines in the eye makeup.

  • The ultra-soft, packed natural bristles provide full color intensity to small areas.
  • Use all over the lid for full, opaque coverage, and on the lower lid and also in the crease to add contour.

When Colorbar launched their colorful brushes and accessories I drooled, I lusted, I dreamt for them. Now I have a 22 piece brush set from Coastal Scents and loads of brushes from Faces and Vega’s professional range so I’m quite covered when it comes to brushes especially eye makeup brushes. But how could I resist such colorful beauties. Afterall I didn’t own any colored bristles brushes :D

So off I went to the Colorbar store & I’m so glad I checked them out rather than buying them online. The face brushes(barring the foundi brush) were so harsh and scratchy. So I ended up buying only an eye blending and a lip brush which felt far better as they were made of synthetic bristles.

The eye blending brush has a medium length white colored handle which I feel is just the right size and eases application. It has flat yet fluffy bristles which are tapered on top which helps in blending. Since its bigger than most eyeshadow brushes I love applying an all over lid shade with it as it gives a decent color pay off as well as saves a great deal of time.

It also blends the harsh edges beautifully and fits the crease of my eye well. The bristles are extremely soft and it has become my go to brush for softening and blending crease shades. Earlier,I used to use Vega PB 15 brush for blending and I found it quite harsh so I was afraid this would feel the same but thankfully Colorbar has done a decent job with the brush. The bristles are synthetic and dry quickly usually within an hour. I’ve washed this thrice and it did not shed at all. Also, it did not lose shape.

I feel we have a dearth of  quality yet affordable eye makeup brushes in India and Colobar has certainly catered to that. It is a good quality blending brush at an affordable price tag.


In Summary then- The Colorbar Emphaseye Blending Brush :

1)    A flat yet fluffy brush tapered at the head

2)    A Brush that Gives a good color pay off and be used to apply all over lid eyeshadows

3)    Blends the harsh edges well

4)    Has Soft bristles

5)    Does not shed

6)    Is Extremely Affordable

 colorbar-emphaseyes-eyeblending-brush colorbar-blending-brush-review2 colorbar-emphaseyes-blending-brush


Verdict: A

Price : Rs 250/-

Final Recommendation: Colorbar Emphaseyes Eye Blending brush can be used for applying all over lid eyeshadow as well as blending the harsh edges. It is a good quality brush which is extremely soft and does not shed. If you’re looking for a good quality yet budget friendly blending brush then this is the one for you!

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