Usually im all up for trying new things, like the P&B logo which i changed after about 2 years (PS: Boy things it looks like a porn site), or that new dish on the menu which nobody would wants to order (Snow Pea & Bean Salad at Mamagoto. Try it. It tastes much yummier than it sounds). But when it comes to Skincare, i take very small, measured steps at trying anything new. Two reasons- 1) Skincare is expensive and 2) Skincare is expensive. So here is what i have been loyal to over the past year

PS: For Reference i have very dry skin that can tend to look lifeless.

skincare-routine \skincare-routine1


1. Clinique Super Defense SPF 25 Day Moisturizer:  I have the ‘Dry Skin’ variant, which is nice to use in the summer months but in winters i definitely need another layer of something with more moisture in it

2. Shiseido Night Moisture Recharge Enriched Night Cream: This is HG for me, and should be for anyone with super dry skin. This is the sole reason i dont wake up to parched, dry skin . This absorbs into my skin at lightening quick speed at night and i wake up to super moisturized, supple, smooth skin.

3. Clinique Youth Surge Night Moisturizer: This is not something i use regularly, but i bought it when the Shiseido Night Cream was out of stock. It did moisturize, but i felt like it never really absorbed into my skin. I will definitely look into this when im older though- because one thing it definitely did was make my skin really  radiant and fresh and even in the morning. I could definitely see a visible difference, but somehow felt it was more appropriate for me in my 30’s.



Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado: Not something i use everyday, but sometimes when my eye area feels excessively dry this does do the job

Loreal Even Complexion UV Tined Moisturizer: Everday tinted moisturizer for me. Doesnt provide too much coverage, but it makes my skin glow and appear more radiant and definitely does a good job of moisturizing. Plus it has SPD 50, UVA and UVB protection with PA+++

Mac Face & Body Foundation: Everytime i go out at night, im wearing Mac Face & Body. I love the natural, effortless coverage it gives and keeps skin moisturized and fresh too!



Nivea Visage Skin Refining Scrub: Favourite budget scrub. Love the texture- not too abrasive  but good enough to clean out impurities.

Face Wash: Nothing regular, im not fussy about facewashes.

How i Use These:

  • Morning: Apply Clinique Super Defense Moisturizer and Follow up with Loreal UV Tinted Moisturizer. Sometimes, i just skip the Clinique in very sultry months but in winter months i definitely need both
  • Evening : When im back from work, i wash my face , maybe use the Nivea Scrub and let my skin breathe
  • Night: Apply Night Moisture Recharge by Shiseido. On days when i dont need much moisture but my skin needs something to brighten it up and pick up the sallownss, i use Clinique Youth Surge.

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