Its finally here !!! Im in this fortnight’s Femina Made By You issue and this time…Im on the cover !!!! YIPPPEEEE!



So basically, Femina contacted me asking if i would be interested in answering a few reader queries. I was all ears..i love being the agony aunt at times!! That was followed by a tiny photoshoot (i was told to wear a crisp white shirt and jeans) and now here i am!!! Im still waiting to see if i can get my hands on the shoot photos , i would definitely share them once i do get them!

The photoshoot experience was funnnn!! But also a bit nerve wracking- i was shown a reference pic of Pooja Bedi standing in a white shirt with her hands in her pocket and was told to by the photographer “Look confident like her” . Ummm……ok. I did a few regular poses and the photographer was like “Smile chahiye, Smile aur karo” . Damnit, they didnt smile in America’s Next Top Model ! I thought i was supposed to be all intense you know. But it got better and i think we managed some nice shots though i wouldnt say that was my favourite (Favourite pose = one leg crossed behind second leg like in all my ootd’s)




femina5Anyway, i always say a blog gets the kind of readers that it deserves and i must have done something right because i have the most amazing readers!!! No Seriously, i love how honest and open all you guys are, even when you may not agree with me and i love how loyal and supportive all of you are too. So THANK YOU for being amazing readers ~!Special shout out to Heena who actually emailed me some of the Femina pics, because i couldnt get my hands on the magazine! Also shoutout to Eva from Femina who was super approachable and gave me this opportunity!


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