Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Swatches: Shade 25

Guest Review by CSP Ballal (Light Skin tone, Normal to Dry SKin)

Who would not adore these flat pans that look like watercolor compact boxes we painted from in school. Well, they are kind of like paint arent they-The difference is I used it on drawing sheets then; use it on our faces now !  I love the freedom system  of Inglot. Its just such an efficient way to purchase makeup- the refills are cheaper, can make you test out a ton of shades and you dont feel guilty about wasting your money on an entire tube that will likely never finish.

The shade is a beautiful true nude . Well.. I had seen Katrina kaif in one of her looks with this kind of shade. She totally rocked the shade. And from that moment I wanted this (not really knowing if I would rock the shade too. :-P).  On me the lipstick shade looks nice initially when applied. But as time flies, the lipstick would definitely fade. And once it begins to fade, the pigmentation on my lips shoes through the nude color and makes it look unflattering- like a pale color has been used on top to cover up the pigmentation. However, if you do have lighter lips you shouldnt worry, this shade would definitely look good on you.

This lipstick is creamy and spreads across my lips with so much ease. The best part is it does not get collected at the corners of the lips. This is one thing I always look in every lipstick I use.  It does not settle on the fine lines of my lips too. Just a neat thin layer of color on the lips with leight weight feel.

inglot-freedom-system-lipstick-swatch2 inglot-freedom-system-lipstick-swatch inglot-freedom-system-lipstick9-001

Rating: A-

Price: Rs 250/-

Recommendation: Inglot Freedom System #25 is a beautiful nude, which looks nice when applied initially on me,  but over time as it fades it starts , it doesnt look nice as a pale contrast against my pigmented lips which start to show through.However, that being said its a top quality lipstick at a great price- smooth, creamy and pigmented ! So test it out for yourself

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